Completed: Turn A Gundam

For the time being, pictures first, will post thoughts tomorrow.  Would love to hear comments if any.

Golden week pt. 2

Well, works a bitch.  I was planning on spending a few days in Osaka with the family over the Golden Week holidays, but after having a business meeting in Kobe on Friday night, I had to head back to Tokyo to deal with a new issue on Saturday.   While work is a bitch, thanks to this, I did actually get to do what I enjoy best, sit on my ass, watch movies, play games, and basically do nothing, thanks to the wife being home in Osaka.  I ended up catching up on a lot of movies, finishing up Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (finally, 39.5% complete with 43 hours clocked!), spent quality with Killzone 2, finished Turn A, started prepping to take pictures of the Astray et al, and then realized that I still didn’t have the camera.  So, until the wife comes back, we’ll have to deal with just cell phone pictures.

Let me just say the Turn A is a sleek kit.  I said this last post, but the lines are excellent, and if you put some time into the panel lines it will look even better.  I have to admit, this kit to date has to be my best work yest with panel lining.  Anyways, more pictures and stuff when I get the camera back.  Also planning to do a little review of the markers I’ve been using as well.

Golden Week

So, today is one of the first holidays of the “Golden Week” holidays, and finally with some free time, I was set to sit down and do some photos of the Astray.  Unfortunately, my significant other decided to go home to Osaka early (yesterday) and it turns out she took the camera with her.  So, pictures are delayed until she’s back with the camera next week. 

In the meantime, one leg to go and I’ll be done with the Turn A.  Here’s a photo of how the kit looks so far.  This kit is sleek, the curves and lines are done excellent.  Quite a bit of panel lining is needed, but if you’re careful it’ll come out nice.  I’m using a 0.02 copic marker since they’re thinner than the Gundam Markers and have had excellent results.  I’m not even finished but I’m going to give it my seal of approval.


I’ll be heading to Osaka myself this weekend, but if I have the chance to stop by Gundams in Nihonbashi I’ll take some pictures.