Golden week pt. 2

Well, works a bitch.  I was planning on spending a few days in Osaka with the family over the Golden Week holidays, but after having a business meeting in Kobe on Friday night, I had to head back to Tokyo to deal with a new issue on Saturday.   While work is a bitch, thanks to this, I did actually get to do what I enjoy best, sit on my ass, watch movies, play games, and basically do nothing, thanks to the wife being home in Osaka.  I ended up catching up on a lot of movies, finishing up Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (finally, 39.5% complete with 43 hours clocked!), spent quality with Killzone 2, finished Turn A, started prepping to take pictures of the Astray et al, and then realized that I still didn’t have the camera.  So, until the wife comes back, we’ll have to deal with just cell phone pictures.

Let me just say the Turn A is a sleek kit.  I said this last post, but the lines are excellent, and if you put some time into the panel lines it will look even better.  I have to admit, this kit to date has to be my best work yest with panel lining.  Anyways, more pictures and stuff when I get the camera back.  Also planning to do a little review of the markers I’ve been using as well.

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