Zaku II completed

Finashed up the Zaku II minelayer yesterday so here’s some initial shots.  Overall, not bad, and as I and other people have mentioned, the 2.0 version of the Zaku II is a great kit to build with excelent posability.  The Minelayer has a huge back pack which makes it a tad top heavy and can tip over backwards if you’re not careful.  Anyways, I’ve done a simple build, with panel lining in gray on green, and brown on black, so it really doesn’t show up too well.  Like lupes, I kind of lose steam when I hit the weapons.  The minelayer version comes with the standard gun/bazooka/heat hawk, but the heat hawk with this model is done in gray rather than purple like other models, so it’s kind of eh.  Anyways, I’ll probably spiffy up the bazooka or gun to give it something to pose with, as the backpack really doesn’t do much.

As I’m going to China at the end of the  week, I’ll most likely break out my GFFIXMC of the Zeta Plus that’s been sitting in the other room and finally set it up, rather than jump into another kit.