Char attacks!

Today we’re going to take another look at something else that showed up in the mail, and I have given you a slight hint at a while ago.


Yep, Char attacks, with the gentei limited Char set that was part of the goods line up at the Nagoya Gundam Expo last year. How’d I get to Nagoya for that one? Actually I didn’t, this a tale of learning how to dive into 2 chan for info when you need it. Basically, as some of you may heard, Bandai decided to not set a limit of how many kits you could buy at this event, and well, people went nuts apparently. It was reported that some people were buying 10 of the same kit and so on, for scalping, friends, or whatnot, and Bandai managed to sell out of their stock on day one. Well, in a move that only would probably happen in Japan, Bandai was nice enough to allow event goers the chance to order the sold out items to be delivered at a later date. Of course, to keep it to those who actually showed up, they gave out passwords to access it.

Well, you immedietely had people auctioning off the card on Yahoo Auctions, but a quick check on 2 chan revealed the password (which was like GundamNagoya, or something like that, nice hard password there). So a quick check online and I made my order for the Char set. It’s to be noted that they did the same for the Gundam Expo that was held in August, and will do it again in the future when you stop to think about it. Could be a good way for a reseller to make a killing on getting some of those limited goods out of Japan, but the only downside is they give you an extremely limited window of opportunity for odering. I wonder as well if they would fill an order for say 20 or 30 of the same kits? But I digress, back to the kit(s) at hand.

The Char Nagoya set consists of the clear versions of Char’s Gelgoog, Z’Gok, and Zaku II. While I’ve stated that I’m not a fan of clear Gunpla kits, the Char one’s definitely stand out, and was around 2,500 yen if I recall, meaning that you didn’t have to pay an extreme premium for the three kits. One plus I found about clear kits is that you generally don’t have to worry about sprue damage standing out so much, so this makes them a quick build. I think I did them all over the space of two evenings. Overall, the two HGUC Zaku II’s I have now are both Char’s and special editions. The Z’gok s now one of 4 I guess, if I count the enforcer along with the MG one that I have, but it’s another Zeon model that I like. Overall, I seem to be doing very good with avoiding building “regular editions”, haha. I didn’t take much in the way of pictures, but here’s what I have, so enjoy.