Rockman 1/10 kit Photo Gallery

A bit later than I would have liked, but as promised, here are the Rockman photos.  Having finally gotten my set up working again, my next step is to work on some more dynamic poses.

Some final thoughts on Rockman before the pictures though.  First off, as mentioned in my WiP, this is a quick build and easy build.  To be honest, they don’t get much easier than this, and can be completed with only an hour or two of work.  But despite the simplicity the build involves, it still comes off a stable build, and looking really nice.  The kit can do fairly dynamic poses, and the three faces it comes with show off an excellent range of emotions.  And, most of all, considering that it’s Rockman, the color combination possibilities are unlimited.  So the question remains, what weapon power will your Rockman have?

For fans of Rockman/Megaman, this kit comes highly recommended, and for those who may want to try their hand at a non mecha kit, this is also a great beginner level kit.  Now to hope that they’ll bring out a Rockman X kit!

WiP: Rockman 1/10 kit

Time to get back to building!  Rather than jump straight back into a big Gunpla kit, I’m working my way back up the ladder starting with a Kotobukiya kit.  Rockman has been one of my favorite series ever since Mega Man 2 (and my all time fave Mega Man game), and I actually had a couple of the really shoddy Bandai Rockman plastic kits several years ago.  Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I heard that Kotobukiya was going to be giving Rockman their Plamo treatment.  One thing that surprised me as well though was there didn’t seem to be that much interest in this kit, when I brought it up at the meeting of the 4 bloggers of the apocalypse.   Still, after the good quality of Kotobukiya’s Hoihoi kits, I had high hopes for Rockman.  So let’s get started!

First off, the number of runners really surprised me, it comes with almost the same amount of runners as a small HG kit, less than even the Hoihoi kits, and the runners themselves aren’t huge.

All this makes one Rockman.

Starting off with the legs, its a very very fast build, with just the foot, shin armor, upper leg and joint.

Completed parts on the leg with pieces on the right.

Completed legs.

The waist itself is another simple affair, and before you know it you’ve got a lower body.

Waist pieces.

Halfway there already!

The torso and arms are as simple as the waist and legs

Torso pieces.

Headless and armless.

Completed arm pieces on the left and pieces on the right.

The head probably has the most pieces in the kit.  Like Hoihoi-san, you can switch out facial expressions, and it’s actually easier with Rockman as you simply pop it in at an angle.  With Hoihoi-san you had to take off part of the hair to get at it.

Head parts.

Completed head.

Additional expressions as well as hands.

Lastly, building his gun, which I think was call the Rockbuster (Megabuster?)?

Just a couple of parts here as well.

With that, Rockman is done.  The whole build took less than 2 hours, so it’s incredibly fast.  And the final product?

With just his hands.

You looking at me?

There are a couple of things to be done, the E-can doesn’t have the E on it already like the Hoihoi-san kits have the text on their pieces already, so I’ll have to do the waterslide there.   Also, there are a couple of blank faces to use the eye waterslides of my choice.  Next up will be thoughts and photo gallery (as soon as I get a new sheet of black paper for my background!)