Rockman 1/10 kit Photo Gallery

A bit later than I would have liked, but as promised, here are the Rockman photos.  Having finally gotten my set up working again, my next step is to work on some more dynamic poses.

Some final thoughts on Rockman before the pictures though.  First off, as mentioned in my WiP, this is a quick build and easy build.  To be honest, they don’t get much easier than this, and can be completed with only an hour or two of work.  But despite the simplicity the build involves, it still comes off a stable build, and looking really nice.  The kit can do fairly dynamic poses, and the three faces it comes with show off an excellent range of emotions.  And, most of all, considering that it’s Rockman, the color combination possibilities are unlimited.  So the question remains, what weapon power will your Rockman have?

For fans of Rockman/Megaman, this kit comes highly recommended, and for those who may want to try their hand at a non mecha kit, this is also a great beginner level kit.  Now to hope that they’ll bring out a Rockman X kit!

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