Fall cleaning

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been doing some fall cleaning and re-arranging of our home layout.  While not quite as done as I would like to be, this is looking to be an ongoing project.  In other words, I never realized how much crap I’ve accumulated.  Guess that goes to show that I’ve told myself that I’m going to settle down here for the time being.  Looking at the pictures, I realize that not much has really changed after all, but if  it’s easier for me to work I guess that’s all that matters.

So the before pictures:

My corner, so to sayroom01

With the home server stuff and some backlog on the left.room02

And the rest of the backlog piled up in the right cornerroom03

I’ve got all this stuff here, but I’ve been doing everything in our living room, which made it a pain in the ass to go back and forth, annoyed my SO, and most of all, I really couldn’t look at all the hard work that I put into it all.  Plus, I like to have a at least semi-tidy room, so in comes the chucking of old boxes and in comes the new desk.  Again, work in progess, but now I’ve got my own place to work at, without having to sit on the floor,  access to all my materials, and can gaze in splendor at my otaku collection, all safe from prying eyes of the SO.

Still messy, but now I’ve shoved a desk in there.room04

Compact, but fits my needs.room05

Shelves on bottom left for storage of magazinesroom06

Stuck all my markers & pens in my Gundam tin thereroom07

This area still needs to be cleaned up.  Sticking all my weapons in a giant tin.room08

Arranging the rack to have two levels of Gundam modelsroom09

The top level is for general figures and other stuffroom10

But the backlog stays the sameroom11

So you get the general idea, followed by seeing a little bit of my current selection of Gunpla.  Still need to clean up quite a bit below my rack, but the desk should help me concentrate more… or at least so I hope!

5 thoughts on “Fall cleaning

  1. wow theres a lot going on in that room. wheres the mg ex-s gundam? is it not built yet? i didnt see it on the shelf. nice collection there! i dont have all my gundams out because it looks a bit cluttered but sometimes i want to do it the way you have it there. that MSZ-006A1Bst is insane. man i really want that. if only i could find it for a decent price. i saw a post of yours showing that yodabashi camera had it cheap but not in nagoya. oh well.

    that back log is pretty crazy! gonna take a while to get through all of that i think especially considering what you want to buy this year. desk is a nice addition. plus… you have some pretty small computers there! wow

    i might just steal you magazine rack idea. i need some place to put mine.

    never get tired of seeing where/how other people keep their gunpura! nice post.

  2. Looking good Rob. I’m glad you have ‘your’ space.

    What does your SO think of your hobby? Mine thinks I am Otaku in the very Japanese sense of the word, which I find a bit insulting.

    Echo the above sentiments on seeing other’s workspaces. I’ve just had a desktop PC take over most of mine. Have to move the keyboard to work.

  3. Yeah, there’s definitely a lot going on, and a lot that needs to be cleaned up still. This room is mainly our spare room for people to sleep, plus where we store pretty much everything we don’t use, plus where we keep a majority of our clothes, since the tatami room doesn’t have the traditional closet. Even if it did, between my suits and her clothes (mainly her clothes!) we wouldn’t have enough room. I guess I should consider myself lucky to have this kind of space “allocated” for my needs. 😉

    @GunGuy: Yep, that’S a Hoihoi, my first non-mecha kit, and pretty much sold out everywhere, got the next to last one at my local bic after scouting all over Yokohama.

    @Buster: The Ex-S is still on the backlog, I ran out of space on the right corner so it’s been sitting on top of my home server rack for nearly a year now.

    I like having the models out, because I guess it gives me that feeling of acomplishment. Something about building it and then just sticking it in a box that takes away part of my value in building it. The problem is space though, that I’m probably going to be forced to box up some down the line.

    The laptop is a EEE PC, simply used for carrying around the house, going to the SO’s home, and to go back to America. I managed to pick it up dirt cheap, and it serves its purpose as a pure netbook and mp3 player. Plus the battery is awesome. My server laptop to the left is my old Vaio from 2004, in which the screen decided to crack after about 3 years of use, Sony wanted 800 bucks to fix it, I said screw that. I can see enough to make it serve video to the ps3 so it works out. I’ve got my main laptop in our living room, which is an old Fujitsu.

    On magazines, I guess I’m a pack rack, mags here run the whole range from 3 bucks to 15 bucks, so I’m not a fan of just throwing them out. Plus I like to have handy reading materials for thinking time in the bathroom, you know how that is.

    @Tonzo: Mmmm, it’s an interesting question, one I think we’d have more fun over chat (or over a beer if you make it back to Japan!) but for the most part, I think the best word is “tolerant”. She doesn’t like it, doesn’t go as far as hate it, but she at least recongizes my hobbies and puts up with them. As mentioned on GAF, it comes more or less from the fact that she has no “hobbies” to speak of of her own I think…. Is your SO Japanese by the way?

    As for the desktop PC, I’m going to have to fight the urge to build one actually. I’d like to make another gaming rig, since I used to build ’em in college… I’m going to definitely have to restrain from part shopping in Akiba!

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