Gunpla Construction: PG Gundam Astray Part 1

We’ll catch up with the GFFMC in a few days, but first up, the Astray.  I finished up the feet plus the inner armor of both legs plus the outer armor of one of the legs.  Overall, for the most part the legs are the same as the strike.  We see obvious differences in the feet and the outer armor though.  I do like the dark red color of the frame, it’s really nice.  The outer armor, especially around the knee is really fat compared to the strike.  not sure if I’m liking the swollen knee look just yet, but we’ll see. 

This time around I’m going to try building the part, doing the lining, then putting on the seals/decals before moving on to the next part.  One thing is all the decals here are dry decals as well, so got to try not to screw up on the transfers!  Anyways, should finish up the other leg, do decals, and put top coat on both legs tomorrow night at this rate.

Today’s  total work time: 5 hours

Overall total work time: 5 hours

Gundam 00 – Final ep live blog

Spoilers abound

Ribbon’s Gundam’s like Tierra’s where it flips around and the head pops up like Seraphim. 

so far, both inovaters, healing and the other one have been killed.  Love how lock-on has his eye injured just like his brother.  Alleleija or however it spelled, pulls a zeta gundam on big o on Healing, with the stabbing through the mobile suits with the point, then cutting it up.

Setsuna is going beserk on Reborns Gundam, and apparently has gone Super Saiyen Level 2 thanks to his now transporting Gundam 00. Wtf?  Ribbon’s grabbed one of Setsuna’s taiyo reactors though, and run off on it.  and now he’s stolen Gundam 0.

In the mantime, Setsuna has taken the other reactor and stuck it on Exia.  Love how they have the time to do this.

Then it’s a “Let’s slice open each others cockpits so we can stare across the field at each other” moment.

Of course we have to listen to Marina’s shitty song while they fight, while she voices her letter to Setsuna..

Very anti-climatic end, they stab each other, we see Setsuna’s body in the cockpit and we cut to Marina going back to her country and credits start.  No idea what happened to Ribbons.

Saji and Louise are together, apparently, something has stopped the cells that were making her change.  Setsuna, maybe, but they don’t now.

Ha, the undying man, whats his name again, Patrick? is actually alive and he marries the colonel.

A-Laws is disbanded, and the Earth Union Government is reformed as the New Earth Union Government.

Lyle visits the grave of his family, Alleliah is with Marie, and we see that Setsuna is still alive, and that celestial being will continue to fight to stop war to protect the future.

and we end with L’arc’s theme.



We see a shot of Jupiter, and boom, Gundam 00 the Movie, in 2010!

Commericials afterwords, Gundam 00 Complete Best, all songs.

Also, the Gunpla commercial they show afterwards, I think there could be a hint at MG Gundam 00 models!

After showing the Unicorn Titanium Finish is available, they say more 00 models before showing future models.  In this scroll, they have HGUC in the upper left corner, but, as it finishes, the symbol flips to MG, but then cuts away.  A blatant hint?

Final thoughts on the series in a couple of days.  Notice that Mr. Bushido didn’t show up at all.


Well, if you haven’t figured out what the impulse buy was, I took the plunge and picked up the GFFMC Zeta Plus (Blue).  While it may not exactly go with the blue, I managed to snag the bonus stand which is only given for the red as well.   Expect pictures and more shortly.

As for the suprise, I forgot that I had pre-ordered the Overman King Gainer: Xan figure, that was only available through Dengeki Hobby, as part of their 10 year anniversy.  While I’ve not seen the anime, I saw the figure and thought it looked cool so went ahead and pre-ordered it.  One thing that is nice about Xan is the way it’s designed, the joints aren’t as obvious as they are on other figma’s and revoltech’s.    Anyways, pictures speak louder then words, so take a look.

Astray in the house!

My PG Astray arrived today, and the box is a big one.  It’s bigger than the original Strike, and other PG boxes as well.  Looks to be the same size as PG Zeta.  Anyways, here’s the initial shots, unfortunately, I didn’t get home until late tonight, and thanks to having to work tomorrow as well, I won’t be able to break into this until tomorrow night.

Also, will have a couple of other things showing up tomorrow, one a pleasant suprise, something I forgot I had ordered for a couple of months, and the other an impulse buy.  Bet you can guess what that is.

Anyways, the pics, and more tomorrow!