Welcome to ASM 3.0

Welcome back to an American Salaryman in Osaka. Or, as you may have noticed by the slight site redesign, more simply, An American Salaryman. I’m your host ASM and it certainly has been a while.   Looking at the last post, I notice it’s been six months actually!  Time flies when you have a newborn, along with an increasingly busy job…  leaving some things to be put aside while dealing with said responsibilities.  One of those things has obviously been Gunpla, and the site.  Now as my son gets older, and hopefully work settles down, the idea is to get back into the fold, and really start knocking out that backlog, along with catching up on the latest releases.

As you may have noted by the redesign, I’ve moved the facebook plugin to the left here, and probably for the short term will be posting more on-the-spur pictures and updates to FB first before updating the site.  The plugin should allow you all to check out whats going on a little more real-time, rather than leaving you all hanging here.  I may look into a way to aggregate the FB posts here in a monthly catch up post but I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

On Gunpla, we saw the last thing built being the version 1.5 7-11 Gundam, and since then I’ve put a couple of kits together, nothing special, but I may try and start of slow with simple photo shoots and reviews of what’s going on.  In the meantime, feel free to look back at all the old posts here, and stick around while I ease back into the Gunpla and blogging life!

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