HGUC Geara Doga

So here’s the second HGUC kit, the Geara Doga.  One of the main reasons I picked up this kit, is that it’s a design I like, but not available in any other line.  In fact, one of the major plus of the HG line, in particular the HG UC line is the fact that they have a ton of designs (Particularly non-Federation mobile suits) that you just don’t have in the MG line. 

Anyways, the build of the Geara Doga follows the same idea of the Hi-ν, almost to the point that I think the internal polycaps are the exact same runner.  Like the Hi-ν, it comes with some unpainted parts, particuarly the yellow power cables in the shin and knee area, as well as the red insides for all the vernier thrusters.    I went ahead and painted both parts, the vernier thrusters using a Gundam Red marker, which I poured into a small tin paint and then brushed in.  For the power cabling, I actually used Zeta Yellow for the Zeta Gundam Markers set, and the coloring came out very similar to the power cables in the waist and head.  There’s a slight difference but you can’t even tell in the pictures.   After panel lining I dropped on a coat of top coat and that’s that.

You already saw the fight between Geara and the Hi-ν but here are the regular pictures.   Comments are always appreciated.

Hi-ν Gundam Vs. Geara Doga

What better way to put the Hi-ν to the test, then against the Geara Doga!  This reveals my second HG model as being the Geara Doga.  Also, my first attempts at doing battle type photos, so hope you enjoy.  More thoughts on the Geara Doga later.