An American in Akiba – July 2010 Edition

While July is not over yet, I probably won’t be heading back to Akiba for a while so here is the photos for this month. First off, lets start with our Gundam updates.  As you recall last month, we got a chance to see the O in it’s test form, but this month we get to see the new Deathscythe in it’s completed form.

Deathscythe on display


Looking at it, I have to say I’m actually a little underwhelmed by it.  Maybe it’s the head, or the colors, but something just doesn’t hit me like it should be.

Next up, Asobit City, which births a lot of awesome kits you see in Dengeki hobby magazine.  While GaiGun and myself were there, they just happened to be doing the RG Gundam.  By the looks of it, the colors seem to be a mix of Okawara colors and FA Gundam Colors.  They also had some really nice looking metallic/extra finish style kits on display that looked amazing.

Building the RG

Musha Gundam Extra Finish Version

Extra Finish Zeta, Quebeley, and Rick Dias

Closeup on the Quebeley

Next up, scouring the back streets to look for cheap gunpla, and in my case, to gawk at my favorite things, the gentei kits.  And this time we found pretty much the everything.

Gunpla going for cheap

Stacks of old kits

Limited kits

Even rarer limited kits

Yet more

That Full Color Plated Version PG Gundam is going for 43,800 yen!

More stuff, including PG Astray’s bonus runners.

PG Gundam Animation Color + Weapons – 19,800 yen

PG Gundam Okawara Colors – 18,800 yen

PG Gundam Casval’s (Char) Use – 25,800 yen

PG G-3 Gundam(!) – 25,800 yen

PG Zeta Gundam Multi-Coating Version – 48,800 yen

MG Zaku II – Tri-star Gaea Use – 34,800 yen(!)

Yeah… that’s a lot of expensive model kits there.  Nearly 500 dollars for some kits.  And I was surprised to find a G-3 PG Gundam.  Needless to say, that one was gone when I went back a couple days after I saw it the first time.   While I did look mainly at Gundam kits this last month, I did swing by Kotobukiya as I wanted to see the Rockman kit.  Unfortunately they had already taken it down and put up the new mini Hoi-hoi-san in it’s place.

Mini Hoi-hoi

Regular Hoi-hoi pimping Kotobukiya

Other than that, I treated myself to a new lens, and am having fun taking pictures of the same places all over again.

Akiba in the day

Akiba at night

A gathering of Ita-sha

Gundam Cafe

And a really tiny car

That’s all for this months addition.  Next up on the plate is a new kit review for HLJ, followed by the revival of the monthly State of the Gunpla Union, which will catch you up on my situation.

11 thoughts on “An American in Akiba – July 2010 Edition

  1. Syful: The Mini Hoi-hoi is apparently only available through pre-order via Dengeki Hobby’s magazine and website, until 8/31.

    Buster: Yeah, I’m going to hold off on it for a while too I think. I think the Endless Waltz Version spoiled me.

  2. I think the Deathscythe holds a lot of potential. Seeing it in those colours kind of brought me down a bit, but the prototype photos in the last couple issues Dengeki and Hobby Japan made me drool. I am still in!

  3. Whoa, they have the limited parts for the PG Red Frame..? Those things are a bitch to find, one of my friends is going nuts trying to track a set down. Damn nice pictures though, I wish my area was nice enough to warrant taking pictures of when I’m out wandering around.

    As far as Deathscythe goes, I’m in. The straightbuilt doesn’t look outstanding but I’ll bet that some people will do some really nice things with it by the time it drops. I’ve already got a few things in mind myself.

  4. Great post! I like the images for the deathscythe. I agree with BB, it is not too convincing for a MG, but it definitely holds a lot of potential for the modders. How far is Akiba from my Hotel? LOL

  5. Great pics mate. The Deathscythe is a mega let down after how nice the MG Wing turned out. Totally needs wings, though I can’t imagine a Deathscythe Hell Custom being too hard to extract from those runners.

    MG ReZel, however, will be the goods. =)

  6. lupes: Yeah, I’ve seen them around, but they go for about 8,000 yen.

    Yeah, the MG ReZel is something to look forward too, but honestly I’m a little surprised at the timing. I would have expected them to release a UC kit that hadn’t been done in HG size already…

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