ANA X Gundam Sky Project – Update

Apologies for no updates this last week.  I’ve actually had quite a bit of movement on the interview side, so I’ve been out of town, so to say.  But, as the title of this post hints at, I made sure that I returned to Tokyo via ANA, just for the chance to snag some super gentei Gundam Goods.  As you may have seen Gundam Guy’s post on this, one of Japan’s major airline carriers, All Nippon Airways, is doing a collaboration with Bandai for the Gunpla 30th Anniversary. During the month of July and August, fliers have the opportunity to order a 1/144 Gundam or 1/148 Gundam in ANA’s blue colors.  (Pictures below courtesy of GG)

1/144 Gundam

1/48 Gundam

Box art

They make it pretty hard to get as well, since you have to ask for the specific card on the flight to order, which is filled in with date, flight number, seat, and even the staff number of the cabin attendant that gives you the card.  From the date of the flight you have two weeks to send in the card to order.

In-flight shopping magazine and order card

So, I now have an order card, so that of course means I’ll be picking up some kits.  The question is who’s interested?  There is a order limit however, of 3 of each kit.   I’ll be getting a 1/144 kit for myself and a friend, which leaves an extra 1/144 kit.  If there are people interested in the 1/48 kits as well, I’m willing to pick these up too.  As a heads up, the cost of these kits for me is 3,000 yen for the 1/144 kit and 8,500 yen for the 1/48 kit, and so expect my asking cost for the 1/48 to be at 8,500 to 10,000 yen.  If folks are interested in the 1/48 kits, please drop a comment, and first come first serve, etc.  If not, then I’m going to forgo getting the 1/48 kits, and will be dropping the order card in the mail on Monday.

All the 1/144 kits are taken for, and one 1/48 is claimed.  I’ll just be ordering the max of both kits, and if no one is interested, I can always flip the remaining 1/48 kits on YJ Auctions.  Anyways, if anyone is interested in the remaining 2 1/48 kits, please leave a comment, thanks!


I’ve received the three 1/144 kits today, but it looks like the 1/48 kits are out of stock, and so a slight wait is needed until they receive more stock.  Surprising, but perhaps they have less stock of the 1/48s because they are bigger and more expensive.  I still have one 1/48 kit available if anyone is interested.  Please drop a comment if you are interested.  I also may be flying ANA again in the next week so I will be getting more 1/144 kits then should I fly.

24 thoughts on “ANA X Gundam Sky Project – Update

  1. I’ll take a 1/48! Put me down for sure. I’ve been waiting for an HLJ free shipping promotion to buy the 1/48 mega size model and I thought there’d never be a chance to get the ANA limited version, so I’m in with bells on!

    Send me an email to arrange payment when you’re ready. =)

    Cheers mate!

  2. Tonzo: OK, will grab you a 1/48, and I’ll drop you a line when I get them (about 3 weeks by the looks of it). Thanks on the interview wishes, if I’m lucky, I may get an offer or two in the next few weeks. Trying not to get my hopes up though.

    Lupes, Roger that as well, the last 1/144 is yours, will mail when they come in.

  3. hi rob! i would like to get the 1/48 from you! my email’s included too.. let me know when you get them!! if anyone doesnt want the 1/144 (crossing my fingers) i’ll take one too!! thanks alot! =)

  4. wow thats a tough process to get one of them. i was hoping to get that 1/144 too but it doesnt look like its going to be possible. maybe i can find one on the net later.

  5. Ren, the 1/144’s are all called for, but I’ll put you down for the 1/48, and mail you when I get them.

    Buster, yeah, it’s kind of a pain in the ass… I fully expect these go for a premium later due to this. Of course, maybe they’ll just end up selling them online or something if we’re lucky. maybe..

  6. Gook luck on your interviews. Hope you will land something soon!

    Wow I didn’t know they will have the 1/48 version too. But the metallic blue is awesome!.

    I will be flying to Japan via ANA from Hong Kong. Think I might have a shot at it too. =)

  7. Hey Rob just curious, the repeated mentions of this product on NK etc mention that they are limited to one per customer. Can you confirm you are able to get 3 of each scale? I’m still 100% in for the 1/48, in fact I’m so busting to build a massive Gundam that I’ve started my PG Red Frame. ^^

  8. Tonzo, yeah, it’s 3 of each. NK’s information is correct in the idea you can only get “one” order card. Already sent the card in so should get them in the next two weeks.

  9. Jon, at this point, I don’t have any more 144s, but I may be flying ANA again in the near future, and if so I will get more. As for the 1/48, I do have one left, so I’ll put it aside for you and mail you once I receive them.

  10. I received the three 1/48 kits today. However, I’m away from home currently and won’t be able to mail them for a couple of weeks. I hope you all don’t mind and I’ll mail you guys in the next couple of days as a followup.

    • sure no probs! do keep me in the loop if you happen to get a 1/144 if you do purchase them during ur flight.. den you can send them both to me together! =DD save cost.. thanks alot rob.. really appreciate it! =) you’re the best!

  11. hi rob wondering if its still possible to help me get both HG 1/144 RX-78-2 and HG 1/144 00 Raiser? lemme know and we could arrange payment in details via email, thousand thanks mate! ^^

  12. Hi James, sorry, at this point I don’t have any of the 1/48 kits right now.

    Ren, I checked out your initial build that you had Tako playing with, I was rather impressed with the fact it did look like a doll almost in her arms. I’ll check out the new post here too!

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