AMS-129FF Geara Zulu Gallery

Kind of amazed that I whipped this up myself, but here you go. All parts were painted and I used the following colors:

Light green parts -> Metallic Red
Dark green parts, black parts -> Metallic Black
Inner frame, gray parts -> Gunmetal
Yellow parts -> Dark Yellow
Clear green parts -> Clear Red
White areas -> Plated Silver

I used Tamiya paints for all the colors save the Plated Silver Gundam Marker. It took about 3 hours to snip and paint, and then about 2 hours to build. I also used primer this time as I had a can left over from a long time ago, and I will say that the primer definitely made the paint look very nice with only one coat. Will have to look into priming should I paint again. I keep saying that I’m not going to paint any more and look what I go and do. Anyways, not perfect by any chance, but for jst deciding to do thison a whim it came out fairly nice.