WiP: Hoihoi-san – Part 2

Continuing with the build of Hoihoi-san.  In our last WiP, I built up to the waist, this time around we’ll take it close to the end. So, continuing from where we left off, it’s time to do the upper body. With the pieces snipped out, which have the following.


Fairly simple build for the torso. The USB cover is one part that is not painted, so you’ll want to paint that to look more in line with the actual colors. Next up a comparison shot of a completed arm with uncompleted arm.


The figure comes with two hands for each arm, a standard closed fist, and semi-open fist for holding the weapons.

So with the arms and torso completed, we attach to the waist, and here’s a front and back shot.



It may be hard to tell, but I’ve done some slight panel lining in the back ribbon in light gray to help accent it.
So next up, the head, and hair. The kit comes with three “inner faces” so to say, but the only difference is two of the faces look to the left, and one to the right. Why two to the left I don’t know. The back hair as well is fairly big, but snaps together to one giant seamless back hair piece. Along with that there are two side tails as well.



Last we have the ront of the hair, the bangs, followed by the hairband bunny ears.


The bangs pop in above the forehead while the back hair is shoved into the back of the head. Gaps are hidden by the hairband and side tails.

Pop the head on top of the torso and we get….


Next up, the final bits and pictures, and thoghts in the final WiP for Hoihoi-san.

10 thoughts on “WiP: Hoihoi-san – Part 2

  1. Wow, thanks for the tip, 37% is pretty much the cheapest it’ll get, considering the last time I looked it was only 12% or so off.
    Hmmm, going to have to put in a pre-order at the least…

  2. Hey Rob, do you plan to get some more for folks outside of JP? Cuz with the discount + shipping + your mark up. I think I might still get a better deal than buying from a local import vendor. Pls let me know. Thx.

  3. Gunguy, no I don’t think I will. Something of this size means that EMS will be cheaper than SAL, and for a PG box that means anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 yen, that’s a bit of a big investment right there. Add in the weak dollar, and I’m not sure how much of a difference you’ll see…

  4. Trying to put together my kit I just got, I’ve been having a lot of trouble. It says to use “PC B” and “PC A” parts in the head and hands. What are these?

  5. The PC parts are the polycap parts. There should be a tiny gray runner if I remember correctly, that has a few really small parts. A couple of those should be round pieces that look like you can stick a peg in. Those are the PC parts.

    • wow. you finished evinrtheyg in 2 days?!? i would take 2 months.. T.T haha. anyway.. i like the diff color scheme! it does feel hot in here now.. XD hopefully one day i would have an airbrush of my own.. would really wanna learn how to airbrush good job on ur first airbrushed kit! =)ren recently posted..

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