The State of the Gunpla Union – 052509

Ahem…. *crickets chirping*

Yeah, a bit behind on posts this month, my bad.  Honestly, it’s been just a meh couple of weeks, and before you know it we’re at the end of the month… 

So, let’s get back on track shall we?  Again, my thoughts on the Turn A, they’re in my head, I’ve just not transfered them to a post yet.  I’m hoping to do that this week and I’ll repost the entry then.  So, without further ado, the latest “State of the Gunpla Union”

In Gunpla news, the big thing has been the fact that Gundam 00 will be making it’s debut in the MG format.  Which we all knew was going to happen.  I called it at the end of ep 25 of season 2 in that bandai commercial, and we see Exia rearing it’s MG head at Shizuoka’s hobby festival.  I’m not going to bother posting pictures because all the other blogs have them.   Having looked at it, I’m kind of eh at this point.  After seeing 15 billion versions in 1/100, HG, SD, Trans-am, repair 2, 3, and so on, seeing it in MG doesn’t get me hot and bothers.  Speaking of which, heaven forbid if Bandai decides to do the trans-am versions of the Gundam 00 MG models along with the regular models.  Ugh… I cringe already.

On another note though, I just might pick up my first HGUC kit with Hi-Nu Gundam.  I really should finish my MG model first, but the general design of the Hi-Nu is my second favorite of all Gundams (First is Zeta and it’s variants) and I might just pick up the HGUC Hi-Nu just for the sake of putting the completed model on my desk at work. 

As for my current work, I’ve just not touched anything since completing the Turn A.  Not burn out, but just caught up with other things.  However, I’ve started on one of my several Zaku’s waiting to be built.  Going fairly slow, as I’m trying some things out on the outer armor…  Anyways, for the time being I’m going to take my time, so my apologies  in advance for slow updates.  Here’s a peek though.



So what’s keeping me busy?  Work, for one thing, and the general end all.  I even got an iPhone so I could keep up with the email.  But having too much fun with the giant screen and watching videos on my commute.   Gaming on the other hand, I finished Ryu Ga Gotoku 3, and while I put some quality time into Killzone 2 over Golden Week, I’ve not touched it since.  I’ve actually gone back and started playing Mega Man 9 while playing Ryu Ga Gotoku: Kenzan.   I’ll also be taking my first trip to China in June to visit Beijing, so I’m doing a crash course in how to order a beer and haggle in Chinese.   In other words, things are generally busy…

Completed: Turn A Gundam

For the time being, pictures first, will post thoughts tomorrow.  Would love to hear comments if any.

Akiba goods and line markers

Ahem, now that the lengthy span of holidays is over, it’s time to get back to the posting and catching up.  First off, I went to Akiba yesterday, with the intent of picking up some pc parts to build a new pc.  The pc parts ended up being not needed as the in-laws decided they wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use the pc in the long run.  So in the meantime, I just went around and checked out the goods.  Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me, but I did snag a few things from the UFO catchers along with picking up a 16GB memory stick for only 8,000 yen.  


The kapibara-san plushes are for the wife, where as I snagged a couple of Suzumiya Haruhi figures from UFO catchers.  I also got extremely lucky and managed to get the White Unicorn Zeta Gundam stand art.  This has been pretty much unavailable as it’s the rare from this 4th volume of stand art.  Most places that have it won’t sell it unless you buy the whole set (running then 25~35 dollars).  I managed to get the folks at Yodobashi Camera to open the last sealed box and there it was.  600 yen for the win. 

Next up, I’ve talked a bit about the line markers (Sumi-ire) lately, and that I’ve been trying out other brands.  Well, I finally took a picture of what I’ve been trying out.


From bottom to top:

1. Gundam sumi-ire marker: black thin type (.1? .05?)
2. Gundam sumi-ire marker: black fat type
3. Copic Multiliner SP: black (.05)
4. Copic Modeler Sumi-ire marker: black (.02)
5. Copic Modeler Sumi-ire marker: warm grey (.02)
6. Copic Multiliner SP: grey (..05)
7. Copic Multiliner SP: brown (.1)
8. Gundam Marker: Gold
9. Mitsubishi Paint Marker: Gold
10. Mitsubishi Paint Marker: Silver
11. Sakura Micron: black (.05)
12. Gundam Marker: Mecha Silver

The markers are the left are just extra copic modelers, and the right are other colors of multiliner pens.   Lately I haven’t even touched the Gundam Marker sumi-ire pens simply because the fact that they bleed a lot and there is a noticable difference in size between the .02 copic modeler pen.  Copic Modelers are available in .02 and .03 sizes, in warm grey and black.  Drab olive is supposedly the third available color but I’ve never seen it myself.  The only places that sell the specific copic modeler line is Yodobashi camera.  I’ve never seen them at stationary stores that carry all the other copic lines.  In regards to the copic multiliners, the plus about these is that there is a huge selection of colors, and come in a variety of sizes.  Black in particular has .05, .1, .25, etc.  however, other colors may only go down to .1, and may not have smaller.  Compared to the copic modeler pen, multiliners aren’t sold at most hobby shops, and you’ll need to stop by a stationary store, or somewhere like Tokyu Hands, to find them.  Prices are about 200~350 yen depending on line and location.  I’ve not used the mitsubishi paint markers yet, but picked them up since they have a finer tip, and will try them out when I have the opportunity.  Again, I’ve been so taken with the .02 copic modeler that I haven’t even tried the Sakura Micron which has been recommended by other blogs.

In regards to the copic modeler, there is rarely bleeding or blotting, and one of the nice things is that if some ink comes out of the line you can just wipe it off with your finger.  To give you an idea of how nice it looks, just take a look at this picture.  My next post will cover the Turn A, but I used the copic modeller for panel lining and it came out just great.


Golden week pt. 2

Well, works a bitch.  I was planning on spending a few days in Osaka with the family over the Golden Week holidays, but after having a business meeting in Kobe on Friday night, I had to head back to Tokyo to deal with a new issue on Saturday.   While work is a bitch, thanks to this, I did actually get to do what I enjoy best, sit on my ass, watch movies, play games, and basically do nothing, thanks to the wife being home in Osaka.  I ended up catching up on a lot of movies, finishing up Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (finally, 39.5% complete with 43 hours clocked!), spent quality with Killzone 2, finished Turn A, started prepping to take pictures of the Astray et al, and then realized that I still didn’t have the camera.  So, until the wife comes back, we’ll have to deal with just cell phone pictures.

Let me just say the Turn A is a sleek kit.  I said this last post, but the lines are excellent, and if you put some time into the panel lines it will look even better.  I have to admit, this kit to date has to be my best work yest with panel lining.  Anyways, more pictures and stuff when I get the camera back.  Also planning to do a little review of the markers I’ve been using as well.