Master Grade Wing Gundam: The Pictures #1.5

I’ve decided that I’m going to hold off on the final photos of the Wing Gundam until after the waterslides are released next month.  I’d like to finish up the Wing Gundam completely with decals and what not before the final review.   Still, I’ve gotten great comments for this kit, so I am going to go ahead and put up some more photos that I’ve taken since the last time, to tide everyone over until the Wing Gundam is totally finished. Without further ado, here are some new pictures, including some “natural light” shots, that are a bit limited as I was trying to keep the neighboring apartment complexes out of the shots.

Master Grade Wing Gundam: The Pictures #1

Here’s the first of three planned photoshoots for the Wing Gundam, which I’ll follow up with final thoughts.  Here’s the Wing Gundam just standing around looking bad ass.  As for the decals, I’m waiting for the water slides, which Bandai, in their infinite wisdom, has decided they won’t release for another couple of month.  Thanks Bandai!