Gundam Front Tokyo

As most are aware, the 1/1 Gundam is standing tall again in Japan, and this last Sunday I got the chance to swing by and see it with Gaigun as I was in Tokyo.  To be honest, having seen it twice already, there is really not that much of an incentive to see it again, since there isn’t really any new gimmicks.  Still, once you get there and it does it’s little steam and head moving thing…. yeah, it’s cool.  Now they need to try and get other parts to move!

We also went in to Diver City to check out Gundam Front Tokyo, but since my trip to Tokyo was a sudden thing, as all work related trips tend to be, we didn’t have the tickets to go in the main area.  Still the history of Gunpla was quite cool, as they every non-gentei kit ever produced on display.  Even more interesting, they had coming soon boxes marked off for stuff that hasn’t been announce/released yet, like the MG Blitz for example.   We looked at the Strict G shop but it was overly priced clothing that only super skinny Japanese people can where so we didn’t stay long.

While I hadn’t planned on picking up any gunpla, I ended up getting the HG GFT Gundam in a moment of weakness.  Yeah, I still haven’t built the Shizuoka Gundam yet, but oh well.  Afterwords we headed off to Akiba where I was able to get lucky and snag the 7-11 GFT Gundam.  I was thinking I would have to go through GG or, but luck struck out for me.

Overall, seeing the Gundam again was great, and it’s nice to see the drawing power it has, even among younger people who aren’t familiar with the original Gundam.  Still, I hope that eventual 2013 version or next version starts bringing some new ideas to the fold.  Adding more decals and calling it new is starting to get boring…

3 thoughts on “Gundam Front Tokyo

  1. Was there last week as well. Went early at 10, and there were selling tickets at the entrance on the 7th floor.
    Gundam was awesome, PVC and gunpla hunting in Akihabara was even better, although methinks the missus enjoyed the MaiDreaming cafe session more than me!
    Did not manage to find the RX78-2 in ANA livery though, sadly.

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