Weekend Gundam deals

Well, this is applicable to those in Japan, but while at Yodobashi Yokohama today after work, I found a couple of interesting things.  First off, Buster at Plamo mentioned finding an HG model he hadn’t seen.  Took a shot of the “new” stock of older models.  Interesting enough, there are quite a few 1/60 size models that I’ve not seen myself, that are available really cheap.  You see the Full Armor Gundam there for about 1600 yen.  They also had a Tri-Stars Zaku II the last time I had gone, but gone this time.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t think those proportions are going to be the best.


However the deal of the weekend is the below:


The very expensive GFFMC Zeta Plus is available at rouughly 70% off!  The $170 fig is available for a mere $50 dollars.  Man, that says a lot. 

I don’t know if this sale is being held at all Yodobashi’s across the country, but for those interested, definitely worth checking out.

Zeta Plus

More than one post in a week, heaven forbid!  Could the drought be coming to an end?    Well, lets say that I’ve finally had a little more time than in the last few months.

Anyways, I finally broke out the Zeta Plus last night.  First off, the box, and enclosed 3 blister trays of parts take up a lot of space, so I ended up just making the Bst form.  I actually took pictures of the trays when I first got the Zeta plus, so I’ll up them later. 

Anyways, initial thoughts:

  • Booklet is in color, very nice
  • Expect lots of part swapping
  • Despite being painted and all, comes with even more decals to put on
  • Also, why do some parts have gate nub damage looking marks?!
  • I wonder if it’s ok to line panel a GFF?  The white booster tanks look bland otherwise
  • Pieces are fairly solid, thanks to metal parts in places like shoulders and legs
  • 1/100 size so very big!   I need to think of a place to put it…

Anyways, some camera phone pics for you to gaze at.  I’ve got the newly built Zaku II fearing a big gun bearing down on him for comparison.  Sorry for the clutter, due to the size I’ve really not got a good place to take pictures, but you take what you can get I guess.


Well, if you haven’t figured out what the impulse buy was, I took the plunge and picked up the GFFMC Zeta Plus (Blue).  While it may not exactly go with the blue, I managed to snag the bonus stand which is only given for the red as well.   Expect pictures and more shortly.

As for the suprise, I forgot that I had pre-ordered the Overman King Gainer: Xan figure, that was only available through Dengeki Hobby, as part of their 10 year anniversy.  While I’ve not seen the anime, I saw the figure and thought it looked cool so went ahead and pre-ordered it.  One thing that is nice about Xan is the way it’s designed, the joints aren’t as obvious as they are on other figma’s and revoltech’s.    Anyways, pictures speak louder then words, so take a look.