Astray in the house!

My PG Astray arrived today, and the box is a big one.  It’s bigger than the original Strike, and other PG boxes as well.  Looks to be the same size as PG Zeta.  Anyways, here’s the initial shots, unfortunately, I didn’t get home until late tonight, and thanks to having to work tomorrow as well, I won’t be able to break into this until tomorrow night.

Also, will have a couple of other things showing up tomorrow, one a pleasant suprise, something I forgot I had ordered for a couple of months, and the other an impulse buy.  Bet you can guess what that is.

Anyways, the pics, and more tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Astray in the house!

  1. Looking good, I thought the box would be bigger though. Its just over the size of wing zero. Are the clear parts in another box? Looks very nice but its too bad I hate any seed gundam designs.

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