Golden Week

So, today is one of the first holidays of the “Golden Week” holidays, and finally with some free time, I was set to sit down and do some photos of the Astray.  Unfortunately, my significant other decided to go home to Osaka early (yesterday) and it turns out she took the camera with her.  So, pictures are delayed until she’s back with the camera next week. 

In the meantime, one leg to go and I’ll be done with the Turn A.  Here’s a photo of how the kit looks so far.  This kit is sleek, the curves and lines are done excellent.  Quite a bit of panel lining is needed, but if you’re careful it’ll come out nice.  I’m using a 0.02 copic marker since they’re thinner than the Gundam Markers and have had excellent results.  I’m not even finished but I’m going to give it my seal of approval.


I’ll be heading to Osaka myself this weekend, but if I have the chance to stop by Gundams in Nihonbashi I’ll take some pictures.

7 thoughts on “Golden Week

  1. blah. not only did i have to work on showa no hi but my gw doesnt officially start until monday. sounds like your job may be better than mine. did you get that copic marker at just a regular stationary shop?

  2. Wow, that sucks man. Personally, I’m envious of all the people taking today and tomorrow off. I can’t take off since I handle HR..

    On the copic markers, you can find the copic modeller (gray and black) in 0.02 and 0.03 variants at Yodobashi Camera. Bic and other places don’t carry them. But you can just get the regular copic markers from 0.1, 0.25, 0.05, 0.03, and 0.02 in all sorts of colors at regular stationary stores. Tokyu Hands has them as well, and so does Animate as well. I’ll take a picture later and post it if you’d like to know what to look for.

  3. Turn A is looking good!

    Have you thought about masking off clear parts before topcoat or topcoating parts before you put clear parts like the cockpit/other clear bits on there?

  4. @lupes

    You know, I realized that after I sprayed the parts, same with the Astray, that I should refrain from topcoating clear parts. Hindsight is 20/20!

  5. These copic markers intrigue me. I only have been using the gundam sumiire markers but even that is too thick. I was going to just do a panel wash but if I can score me one of these markers I definitely would like to give it a try. I shall try to hunt one down during the holidays. If Rob could post a pic, that would be great!

  6. Turn A is lookin’ pretty good there 🙂 Not many people have that model so would like to see your take on it ^^

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