Gunplar Meet-up 2011

As you all may be aware, Buster Beam of Plamo Addiction has decided to make his next move in life, and head back to Canada.  Having met with him twice last year, in Akiba and the 1/1 Gundam in Shizuoka, I knew how much of a great guy he was, and couldn’t just let him head home without getting together one more time.  A quick email to GaiGun of Gaijin Gunpla to see if he was on board as well, which he was, and the ball started rolling for a Gunplar Meet-up.   This past weekend was a three day holiday in Japan, and we used that to get together one last time in Japan for drinking, gaming, and of course Gunpla!

I just happened to be in Tokyo on business on Friday, so I used that to stay in Akiba for the night and catch up with people before meeting up with GaiGun in Akiba Saturday evening at our usual pub, to get the party started.  After hitting back a few rum & cokes to get us nicely toasted, we headed off to Yodobashi Camera and Asobi City before jumping on the bullet train to head back to my new stomping grounds, Osaka.   Upon arriving in Osaka, we proceeded to my place to continue the drinking combined with online split-screen COD: Black Ops, until about 4:30 in the morning.  The plans for sight seeing a little before Buster arrived were put aside for the more needed sleep, and after sleeping most of the day away, we headed off to Namba to pick up Buster. We did some quick sight seeing around Nipponbashi, the Akiba of Osaka, but soon moved to the drinking.

The Dotonbori area of Namba

The Glico running man

After some drinking at Namba, we moved back to Tennoji to hit up a local izakaya, or Japanese style pub/restaurant to continue the drinking.  All three of us just happen to be fans of Z’s posts about food, so we thought we’d share with you some similar shots.

The 270 yen Izakaya, everything is 270 yen!

Starting out with beer and edamame


Cucumbers covered with eatable raiyu sauce

Don’t forget yakitori and takoyaki!

Several beers, cocktails, and sake bottles later…

Of course, we didn’t just get together to drink, we got together to game and gunpla as well, and we got together a bunch of kits to work on.  At least to the best of our drunken ability, we had been drinking for about five hours…

Gunpla loot

And don’t forget about Call of Duty!

But still, we’re here to build gunpla (while drinking)

Gundam UC in the background while we build.

The results of the gaming, drinking and gunpla

You could say the excessive drinking, along with Call of Duty, Gundam Musou 3, and Gran Turismo 5 kept the number of completed Gunpla down to 3, but we all had a hell of a time doing it.  We really got to work off each others synergy this weekend, and had a hell of a time.  Gunpla is great, but Gunpla mixed with alcohol, gaming, and friends at the same time is priceless. While Buster will be missed as he takes his next step back in his home country, his spirit will still be with us as one of the original 3 foreign Gunplars in Japan.

8 thoughts on “Gunplar Meet-up 2011

  1. Never knew I would be a victim of a food post… those takoyaki and gyoza looks bomb! I’m hungry after seeing it >_<. Thanks for the honorable mention ^^

    It certainly sound and looks like you three had an incredible time.. and one to remember for a good while. I'm amazed at how much you guys can drink without being completed wasted! Not to mention you even have the motor skills to game and build gunpla 😀

    Hope I can have such a great time whenever I get myself to Japan…

  2. @Tom: Multitasking!

    @AstrayP03: They turned out fairly well, but we’ll need to go back for touch ups and what not obviously. GaiGun did not like how the flag fighter turned out, and so he gave it to Buster.

    @Aya: Drinking first, then slowly integrate gunpla and gaming into the mix.

    @Z: Japan trains you to drink I think. Honestly, college here was practice drinking, study later. That mixed with American college life in the dorms of gaming drunkj (Goldeneye 64 was the king of our lounge) and can consider us well rounded adults (say what?). The food is definitely good, and we’re waiting for you to hop over here as well somehow. We’ll definitely show you around!

    @Sonara: Just between you and me…. so am I!

  3. @Buster: It was most definitely an awesome night. I’m surprised as well. To be honest, I think I can outdrink my college self now, and yet somehow I think I’ve cut back on the drinking?

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