WiP: PG Strike Freedom #02

Continuing on with the WiP for the Strike Freedom, today we continue on with the backpack and torso. The backpack itself isn’t a complicated affair, but I run into an issue that will rear it’s head a few times during this build.

The parts for the backpack

As you see above, it’s a pretty simple affair of putting the two halves together and snapping on the thrusters. You notice as well that there are only 3 plated gold parts, the thrusters and a part that sticks out a little in the rear. Completed the backpack looks like this.




So that issue that I just mentioned? It’s that not all the visible gold parts are of the plated, or extra-finish type. With the backpack, obviously Bandai is assuming that you’ll be too busy with the Dragoons to notice, but even then, I find it to be lazy, considering how well they designed most of the rest of the kit.

Speaking of the Dragoons, I’ve left them for last, due to the other engineering foresight, brought up by Plamo Addiction. There are a variety of methods to counter the joint issue, but I’ll think about that at the end.

Anyways, sticking the backpack on the stand and you get something like the below. In regards to the stand, I’ll direct you to GaiGun’s WiP #0 on that.


So with the backpack out of the way, let’s move on to the torso. Going through this, it seems to be fairly standard torso fare, similar to the PG Strike or PG Astray. We have a “center” block style, and then the “left” and “right” torso sides. These then slide into the “center” block.

We start off with the cockpit

Completed cockpit with the “central” block pieces

Some sliding action for the cockpit there.

And the completed “central” torso. You see where the “side” torso pieces hook in.

The side torso pieces.

Left side completed.

And the torso, completed.

From there we stick on plated gold parts for the chest vents and neck area, but I’ll showcase that next part when I look at the waist area. So far, there’s been nothing spectacular with the build, but this is pretty basic stuff right now, and as always, there’s only so much you can do with the torso. Next up, I’ll be moving onto the waist or arms. In regards to the legs, rather than double post, I’m just going to direct you to GaiGun’s WiP #2, as he does a great job.

But, the one thing I’m seeing, and you’ll see in upcoming WiP’s, is the curse of the visible yellow frame will strike again.  Meaning, I’m going to have paint some of the frame to have some consistency.  Now what gold to use…

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