GBE: Dioramas, etc part 2

Moving on to some smaller Zeta Gundam dioramas, followed by an excellent V Gundam diorama, I was amazed at this. Also Master and Devil face off, and a 1/2 scale Turn A Gundam head.

7 thoughts on “GBE: Dioramas, etc part 2

  1. Mmm, I’m a bad guesser, but figure that there was about 500~ people waiting when I showed up at 7, and throughout the day the venue was fairly packed, but not TGS bad, so, maybe 5,000 or so? No clue though, the free zone and ticket zone were different, so some came just to buy goods and left.

  2. Wow! Those dioramas were awesome! Now I know what to work on once I’ve finished building a couple of Gundam models…

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  4. The Tura A Gundam head is 1/2. For the smaller ones, most likely 1/144. For the giant ass V Gundam goodness, no clue at all. I would put the smaller mobile suits at around 1/200 i guess. so maybe the Adrastea is around 1/200 or so.

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