GBE: Last various pieces for today.

The last post of the night, and until Sunday or as I go from Gundam to Disney tomorrow.  Gotta keep the wife happy since I dropped a bit on the limited gunplas.  For the most part, all important news and upcoming releases have been posted, from Sunday it’ll be more of the panels and other parts of the show.    There’s always a chance that more news will come out tomorrow or Sunday, but I doubt it.

For new visitors please click on the Gundam Big Expo category link to see all the posts covering todays event. 

Last bits and pieces for today, in no particular order.

  • 1/35 Version Ka GFFIX (March 2010 release, heaven forbid what the price will be)
  • Jibun Damashi
  • Char’s mask and helmet
  • The Zabi family
  • Gundam Pen Set
  • Zeta Gundam Ship Set
  • Various Gundam 30th anniversary goods
  • Gundam stickers for your phone
  • and so on

3 thoughts on “GBE: Last various pieces for today.

  1. Fantastic work. Really enjoyed all of those posts. Hope you’re not too burnt out and were able to enjoy a nice day at Disne with the fam. Looking forward to seeing your haul!

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