The State of the Gunpla Union – 071509

Another general update for you guys. 

First off, details regarding the Green Tokyo Gundam Project version of the HGUC Gundam… well, actually, I’ve already got people for them, and two shipped out already and the last one claimed, so I’m just going to leave it be.  At this point, while I would like to check out the Gundam at night, most likely I will not be going out to see it again while it’s at Daiba.  Unfortunately it’s still about an hour trip from my home and Yokohama, and while I could go after work from Shibuya, I don’t foresee that happening at this point.  Now if a bunch of you want to throw money at me to go get more, I suppose that would always work, but I don’t want to see too capitalist here!  

So, that out of the way, I’m looking ahead to the Gundam Expo to be held next month.  I’ll be going on the 1st day, which is Friday, so would be up for a Gaijin Gunplar オフ会 or meet up if anyone else is planning on going.   As there is quite a bit of event Gunpla scheduled to be released, I would not be against picking up a few extra kits… within reason (both financially and in my ability to carry them around all day!)  Having seen 2 hour lines at the Daiba event, I can only imagine the lines at the Gundam Expo though…I can already see this being something that I’ll have to line up well before the doors open. 

Next up, the summer project.  The end of the rainy season was officially announced for the Kanto region of Japan (thank god) so it’s going to be safe to spray away and not screw things up.  While I’m currently building a couple of kits off and on, my serious project for the summer is going to be none other than everyone’s favorite destroyer of Gunpla fun and joy, the Sinanju, with a custom color scheme.  I’m currently considering a blue/silver scheme, but need to sit down and look at colors before making final decisions.  At this point I’ve not planned ahead to if I’ll be using AM parts, but we’ll see.  The tentative start is going to be towards the end of July and hope to take my time with it through August.  

Last update, finished the Ecopla Gouf last night, and will post pictures next post.  Also need to do some category and link cleaning as well.


9 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 071509

  1. That’s a nice shinny black mold, well complimented with the colored mono-eye & cockpit windows. And it look very nice like that already without further paint.

  2. Wow, that gouf is lookin slick.

    I’m glad you’re finally setting up to take down Sinanju! Even if it’s still off a ways, it’ll be an awesome project. Planning on getting waterslide decals for it as well?

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