WiP: Ecopla HGUC Gouf

Rather than keep you waiting, lets go ahead and jump into the WiP, it’s short and simple.

The box, like the SD Gundam is monochrome as wellegouf01

The runners are all black, with the original manual, plus bonus sealsegouf01

The leg parts, one leg completed at the topegouf01

Followed by the armegouf01

The body and waist are molded as two parts, with backpack at the bottomegouf01

Power cables are snap and fitegouf01

The torso/waist completedegouf01

All the parts ready to be put togetheregouf01

Compared to the HGUC Hi-ν and Geara Doga, the Gouf build is much simpler, especially with the waist and torso molded as two parts to be snapped together, as this is a much older kit.  This leads to some limitations with the leg movement and posing (no splits for him!) but that can’t be helped.  Again, the draw of Ecopla is the pure black, as it looks pretty cool overall.  While you can sort of see the gate mark damage left from snipping off the runners, overall, it doesn’t really stand out.  In fact, this is a pure cut and fit, with no sanding/design knife trimming at all.  Anyways, next post will be the completed shots.

2 thoughts on “WiP: Ecopla HGUC Gouf

  1. I think it’s brilliant. Give the consumer less and they still want to shell out for the new product. Black and white artwork, recycled plastic kit… Under the guise of being ecological. Very clever. I bet they’re not producing any less full colour kits and boxes because of it. The only ecology I see is that some plastic isn’t going to waste.

    /rant. ^^;

    I have previously pondered why Bandai don’t release single colour versions for the painters, before I knew about ecopla. It makes sense. Black is a good base colour as well.

    It looks nice Rob. Have you considered a bit touch up with a brush or gundam marker to give it some flair? You could probably even hide some of the gate marks with a black marker.

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