HGUC Hi-ν Gundam preview

Just a quick preview post, it finally stopped raining long enough for me to do the top coating on the HGUC Hi-Nu.  Here’s a couple of preview pictures.  I’m planning on doing more photo’s this weekend, but realized that I don’t really have anything to scale with it (Maybe the Turn A, it’s a shorty).  But anyways, enjoy the two preview photos.  The Hi-nu really is a bad ass Gundam, IMO.

2 thoughts on “HGUC Hi-ν Gundam preview

  1. You are pretty quick there. What kit will you work on next?

    On a side note, today was a sad day…. RIP icheal Jackson… so long my childhood idol. His body being brought to the Ronald Reagan Hospital caused me to park my car a couple of extra miles away and I have to walk a long way to my eveing class at UCLA… there was like probably thousand of people who came to bid him farewell. What a day.

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