Back to building

So after a near month hiatus of building, I finally had some time to sit down and get back into the Gunpla mood.  As I hinted in a couple of previous posts, I’m blinging out the Shin Matsunaga Zaku II.  Unfortunately, not having the time to really sit down to work with the painting and various drilling and stuff of the armor, I’ve decided to put this project on hold, and just sit back and do a quick snap together kit.  

So, I put aside my Zaku II project for a…. Zaku II.

Yeah, well, hmm.  I switched to another Zaku II because I just wanted do a simple stress free build with no additions.  The Zaku II is a great and fast build for the most part.  That and I need to get through the backlog of Zaku II’s.  Will post more pictures as I go along, but I’m pretty sure the Zaku II model is one of the most built models out there, so nothing new to expect from this simple snap build.

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