Gunpla Construction: PG W-Zero Gundam Part 1

Well, despite the fact that the PG Astray is dropping in a little over two weeks, I’ve jumped into building the PG W-Zero Custom.  Depending on how the build goes I may stop to build the Astray first if I don’t finish this in the next two weeks. 


In terms of PG difficulty, at first look, I’m going to have to rate this up there with PG Zeta Gundam.  For the record, I consider PG Zaku (outside of some fitness problems with some part) and  PG Strike to be on the easy side of the PG spectrum, while rating PG Zeta at the hard end of the spectrum.  I also imagine that PG GP01 would also be hard, and that’ll most likely be the last PG I’ll build. 


The PG comes in a large box, the same size as Ex(s)-Gundam or Strike, and consists of 30 runners, plus 18 die-cast parts, 14 individual feathers for the wings, plus springs, wires, and a whole lot of screws for a total of near 700 parts and pieces.  In other words, something that is not going to get done in a few days.


All unwrapped and ready to go



Contents of the materials box



All the individual screws and stuff wing03


 You may notice the blue A7 bag in the middle picture, these zip lock bags will be used to keep the screws and stuff in so I don’t lose them.  Bandai at most will give you one extra screw, but mostly they don’t, so you don’t want to lose your parts.  I picked up the zip lock baggies at the 100 yen shop (the dollar store back home).


Starting right off with the arm and shoulder, in the first picture I have the internal frame of one arm finished, shown in the bottom left, along with the shoulder.  The parts around the completed arm is used to complete the next arm.  While it seems just strewn about, the parts are actually arranged in the order they need to be built, clockwise.  The shoulder is attached via screws, so you have to slide on the armor before screwing the shoulder to the arm part.  The second picture shows the forearm armor attached, and that’s as far as I got last night. 


One arm finished



Left arm with shoulder attached



I cleaned up the sprue nubs from the two white pieces, but there is a somewhat noticeable seam on the forearm.  Most likely that can’t be helped due to the size of the piece.  I don’t really worry about cleaning up sprue nubs from the internal frame, because you’re not going to see it once the armor is put on. 


Todays total work time, 75 minutes. 

8 thoughts on “Gunpla Construction: PG W-Zero Gundam Part 1

  1. 2 weeks is ambitious but apparently i build really slowly. i’ve built pg mark 2, strike and zeta and they all took me months.

    good call with the ziplock bags. i might do that myself.

    i am seriously thinking of getting this kit down the road so i’m looking forward to your WIP

  2. @Busterbeam

    Zeta took me about 3 months, but I kind of stop and started several times. My Zaku-II I did in about 4 weeks, and I think I did Strike in about 2 weeks or so. Planning on doing a day by day update on this WiP, so stay tuned.

    I noted you pre-ordered your Astray as well, where did you pre-order it? I did mine online through Bic, as it was guaranteed to have the first run bonus swag. Unfortunately, they probably won’t ship it until the 27th, so it’ll probably arrive on the 28th… would be nice to get it on the 25th though!

  3. How well are the screws going in? I noticed that on the MG God Gundam there was the occasional issue where it just wouldn’t go in far enough no matter what angle I tried to put the screw in from.

    I don’t bother to clean up the frame parts as much either. Like you said, no one is going to see that stuff once you’re all finished up.

  4. @lupes

    I know how you feel, I had the same trouble with the FAZZ.

    When it comes to PG’s, there are different sizes of screws that are used in different places, and so far I’ve not had any trouble with the pieces. But Bandai does have a habit of having you put a 8mm length screw in a 8.2mm hole. I think the biggest fear is stripping the screws as there are no replacements. The good part about the W-zero is that a lot of screws have nuts as well, and this helps from having to strain and strip a screw trying to get it in. You have to be care with screwing too tight though, as then the piece will not move. I tightened, then loosened a few screws on the shoulders, when building these parts.

  5. good price! if i can find it for that price i’ll probably buy it too.

    i ordered my astray through bic as well.

    as far as pg inner frames go… i’m pretty sick and not only cut the nubs off of all three pg’s i’ve built, i sanded them down as well. i wasted a lot of time doing that but i just cant let it go for some reason. i really do think i have a complex sometimes.

  6. I’ve never really be able to have the patience for sanding. I’ve got the materials, but my technique sucks, and honestly, it just takes too long. I have to admit, to go that far for the inner frame is definetely something. I salute your patience!

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