Completed: Hyaku-Shiki HD Version with team AEUG

Jumped right into the Hyaku-shiki after finishing the Zeta Gundam kit.  As mentioned by Lupes, the Hyaku-shiki is a very fast build.  This makes sense as this kit is several years old, and was released simply with a new coat of paint (literally).  I find the coloring to be excellent on the kit though, that I think pictures really can’t do justice.   Good points about this kit is that about 95% of the gold parts are connected to the runners by undergates, which basically means you can snip them from the runner without fear of sprue nubs.  This is incredibly good because as this is an extra finish version, if you damage gold parts you get the crappy yellow/brown color underneath, that stands out.  Of course there are still 5% of those gold parts that aren’t undergates, but the kit is engineered so that they aren’t visible or hidden by other pieces.

Other than that, the internal frame is basic compared to the MG’s that are released now.  This is noticable especially with the hands, and the fact that some parts have too tight a fit, but in a way, helps to make it a quick build.  The seals/decals were easy to put on, but as I mentioned with the HD version of Zeta Gundam, the HD waterslides are for the most part really shoddy.  This time around though, I picked up some Mr. Mark Setter, which helped out much more than Mr. Mark Softer on the HD waterslides.   I actually screwed up the regular 百 seal on the left shoulder so ended up using the HD 百 seal instead.  Other than that, I used a black Gundam Marker panel line marker in a few areas.  

Overall, while the internal frame is basic, the new shine and quick build makes for a great kit, and you can’t go wrong with it.  Highly worth your while.

Check out below for my pics, but I would suggest checking out Lupes review as he finished building it just recently and took some excellent pictures.  One thing to note in my gallery is that I broke out my Gundam Mk II along with Zeta Gundam to finish up the AEUG “Gundam” lineup.  Take a look below.

6 thoughts on “Completed: Hyaku-Shiki HD Version with team AEUG

  1. Guessing that’s the normal Ver 2.0 Gundam MkII? It looks pretty spiffy, maybe I should pick it up some time albeit in the Titans color.

    Either way, nice pictures. It’d be cool to see what fun you could have with them posed in formations with some action bases.

    I’m slightly curious as to if your Hyaku-Shiki had some fitment issues with the arms like mine did, or if they went together smoothly. I can’t see it being something on my end as none of the other MG kits I’ve built have ever had an issue with seams.

    Good luck with the PG Zero, I’m hoping you take a lot of pictures. Depending on what you think of it I’ll either pass on it or pick it up.

  2. @lupes

    Yeah, that’s the normal Ver 2.0 of the Gundam Mk.II, the first kit I actual bit, panel lined, put decals on, and sprayed top coat on. In other words, the first kit I went all out with. Outside of the paint on the shield being kind of eh, it really came out nice. I might need to go back and take some more pics with it I guess. It’s a good kit though.

    As for the fitment issues, yes, I had a couple actually. At first, the inner upper arm, where you slide the gold armor up? My right arm just wouldn’t slide up at all, and I actually ended up breaking part of it. Thank god for tamiya cement glue, and that it was only the inner frame. Once I got the gold outer armor on it was fine. I actually had more of a problem with the backpack. The inner gray piece simply would not fit all the way in on the left side, giving me a huge gap. I ended up opening it up, and cutting out the inner tab and fitting hole on the left side, and putting the backpack together, and it fit much better.

    I’ve noticed this with some of the older kits I’ve built, in particular, the FAZZ, Hyaku-shiki, and even PG Zaku-II. Hyaku-shiki was for the most part a stress free build though.

    As for the PG, I’ve got the runners out of the wrappers, just need to sit down and start. I’m planning on taking WIP pictures of course, this time around.

  3. @madmoz

    From what I heard from lupes, its the same molds as the second Hyaku-shiki release (2001?)

    Nice shot of your Freedom! I was suprised to hear about the hands, but I guess when you stop to think about it, the Freedom is a pretty old kit as well though? It’s kind of suprising when you think about it, I guess the hands that you see now are a relatively new thing?

  4. Rob is correct, they just gave the old molds a fresh of paint.

    Freedom is looking nice! The hands always wind up being a bit of a disappointment on the older kits but it makes you appreciate the new kits more.

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