Completed: Zeta Gundam HD Version

Without further ado, the review for the MG Zeta Gundam V2.0 HD Version kit. 



First off, I love the colors on this kit, the brighter “animation” style coloring looks good on the Zeta Gundam. I will admit there is a limit, like I’ve said before, it looks good on a 1/100 kit, but anything bigger in this color would look more like a cheap toy.  However, when building this kit, I realized how muted some of the colors on other kits are in general.


Building it was a breeze, and for the most part there were no complaints.  However, upon completing it, there are a few points I have to nitpick.

  • The shoulders just suck.  Take a look at the pictures here, and you’ll note that the shoulders connect to the arm, by pushing it into place around the O of the arm/shoulder piece, which you shove into the shoulder joint on the body.  In theory, this should work fine, but the shoulder will simply not stay there, and pops off the little O ring easy.  Pretty much glue is the only way to go, but you lose some movability.           



  • They give you a stand for a reason, the MG simply won’t stand on its own two feet.  Unfortunately, if you set both the front part of the foot and the heel flat on the table, the leg ends up being about tilted back, and with the wings and tail stabilizer attached, Zeta’s going to fall right over.  To adjust for it, you’ll have to bend the knee abnormally forward, which then looks kind of bleh.  The solution then is to use the stand, or leave it in wave rider mode.


  • Speaking of wave rider mode, they don’t give you landing gear! (unless I missed them and accidently threw them out with the sprue sheets.  On top of that, unless I’m a moron, the pictures showing the Zeta in Wave Rider mode with the Hyper Mega Launcher attached on the bottom, attached to the stand is a liar, because it’s not possible.



Anyways, overall, these are minor points, and probably stand out to me more because I built the PG version first, before this one.  Comparing the MG with the PG though made me realize how good these models have been designed, and the difference between MG and PG become more apparent to me as well.  Especially since I was pretty rough getting my PG back from WR mode to MS, took me a while to remember how to do it.   Also, you’ll note by the gallery, that, yes, the PG is HUGE, and even I was surprised after comparing the two.  Also, as an aside, I built and completed the PG, but still technically need to do seals and cleanup, but don’t mind that so much!


Anyways, pictures speak a thousand words, so check out the gallery below.  I do apologize for not being able to take better pictures, but I’ll hopefully improve on that, and try to avoid using the living room kotatsu as my photography studio (when it warms up that is!)   

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