Zeta Gundam – Final notes

I realized that I forgot to list the tools I used when building the Zeta Gundam HD vers. kit. 

I used the following tools:

For the eyes, sensors, and some areas on the armors and legs, I used the following Gundam Markers – Zeta Yellow, Meta Blue, Meta Green, Gundam Black.

For panel lining, I used the black fine tip Gundam marker.  I also used a new pen this time around.  The Copic Modeler, a 0.02 pen, and I have to say, it’s absolutely great.  The problem with the fine tip Gundam marker, no matter how fine tip you call it, is that it tends to bleed out of the line, leaving clean up to be a mess sometimes.  The copic modeler, which comes in various sizes, 0.02, 0.03, and 0.05, and doesn’t bleed out at  all.  I used the warm gray marker this time around on white parts, and I think it came out very well.

I used a dessign knife to trim leftover sprue nubs down flush to the pieces, simply because, I’m too lazy to sand, ha.

Lastly, I used Mr. Mark Softer to help “glue” down slides and seals.    Again, as I mentioned before, the special HD waterslides, while nice, simply do not stay on, even using Mr. Mark, and tend to rip apart when trying to adjust them.  The original included waterslides didn’t exhibit this problem at all.  But I guess nothing is perfect right.


In other news, I started on the Hyaku-Shiki, and it looks to be a pretty fast build, about half the runners then Zeta had.  However, I ended up picking up Ryu Ga Gatoku 3 on the way home from work, so Hyaku-Shiki is the back burner for a few days.  I played the first one, but just the loading got to be a nuisance.  The reviews and buzz is good though this time around, so I guess it’s time to get down to wandering around Kabukicho!


One thought on “Zeta Gundam – Final notes

  1. The Type 100 definitely shouldn’t take you long to build, since I got back home last night around 7 and had him all finished up by 11. It’s an older kit, so it’s really no surprise that it isn’t all that complicated. It does make you appreciate the newer models, though.

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