1/1 Gundam in Shizuoka

As people may know, the 1/1 Gundam has been erected again, this time in Shizuoka, home to Bandai themselves. Today saw an epic meeting of Gunplars, as Buster from Plamo Addiction, GaiGun from Gaijin Gunpla, myself, and Gundam Guy from America got together to witness the awesomeness that is the 1/1 in person. Much gentei Gunpla was bought, including Tokugawa Musha Mk. IIs for a majority of the group, and more importantly, much alcohol was consumed afterwards. I’ll be back online in the next few days, so look forward to pictures from myself and my fellow Gunplars. In the meantime, here are some shots from the iPhone.

5 thoughts on “1/1 Gundam in Shizuoka

  1. Ah! The meeting of the minds has taken place! I thought my Gunpla cabinet was emitting a strange hum yesterday xD

    Looking forward to the pics mate 🙂

  2. It seems like all of you had a load of fun ^^. For some reason (must be perspectives), the second photo makes the Gundam look not as towering as the first… or actually, I think that’s the first time a photo of it got me thinking “hey, it’s actually not as big as I thought” but that’s how tall it really should be anyway. From other photos it looked taller than most buildings ^^;.

    I want to see this in person for myself to feel the effect like all of you felt but sadly, this will be gone by the time I go to Japan. Hope they can erect again though!

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