Weekend in Akiba

Ran down to Akiba yesterday to hang with a friend who’s heading back home to the states, and took the camera this time around. Spent the down walking around and checking some of the back shops. This will be another picture This time around I found quite a few shops that carry quite a bit of the limited Gunpla from conventions. Of course they also run quite a price.

First off, here’s some of the limited Perfect Grade versions:

PG Gundam “Kunio Okawara Illustration Image Color Version”Akiba

PG Gundam Mark II “Multicoating Version”Akiba

PG Char’s Zaku II “Full Color Coating Version”Akiba

The prices ran about $160 dollars for the Gundam Mk II, up to 300 for the Gundam… yeah, even with %20 off, that’s costly.

Next up, you find a lot of places that have boxes you can rent out, and put stuff you want to sell in them. In a way, it’s quite hard to find what you want though because of just the mass volume of people’s stuff to go through.

Rows and rows of boxesAkiba

Ooh, more limited model kits!Akiba

Display case with all the Gundam Stand ArtAkiba

I also stopped by Yellow Submarine to check out parts. I was tempted to pick up the Pro Hobby Clear Gundam Version 2.0, but unfortunately they were all gone this time around. So here’s some pictures of parts instead.




Here’s some shots from out on the street.

DS Flash cards are still quite available in the back streetsAkiba

The backstreetsAkiba

Super Potato retro shopAkiba


Shoppers out in forceAkiba

Also, I realized that I meant to post about shopping in Akiba. These were taken a while back, but just to give you an idea of Gunpla shopping heaven in Yodobashi Camera Akiba, well, just check out the pictures











Anyways, I didn’t pick up much, but I will post about that next time.

7 thoughts on “Weekend in Akiba

  1. @lupes, Arein, Coffeebugg: yeah, those comments sums it up 😉

    @GaiGun: We may have walked past each other for all we know. As for the lines, I think you mean Monster Hunter 3, but yeah, insane. MY friend was picking up black wii controllers to take back to America with him and was in line for roughly 25 minutes!

  2. Great pics, thanks Rob. Those floor stacked pallets of gunpla really put in perspective how massive the market for gunpla must be in Japan. Interesting. Next time we fly into Tokyo I’ll be stopping over a night or two to visit Akihabara.

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