The State of the Gunpla Union – 021609

And here we are, yet another week (and a day)


In Gunpla news, this week we saw a ton of information regarding the upcoming Perfect Grade Astray.  The first run bonus goods consist of extra weapons as well as clear parts so you can see the frame.  While I am pretty sure it would be easy to go get one the day it came out, I figured why take my chances, and pre-ordered it.  Thank you Bic Camera, for 30% off and free shipping.  The release date is, depending on who you ask is either March 25th or 27th.   This probably proves that I’m a sucker for mecha that carry big ass swords.  It looks like the Astray would be my first real time model to make, as I’m pretty much behind on everything else. 


This week also saw the release of the HD version of the Hyaku-shiki, in which I posted a picture of the other day.  By the looks of it, the new Hyaku-shiki is selling hot, much more than the G-Fighter and HD Zeta Gundam.  Something to think about down the line, as I think the gold on this Hyaku-shiki looks best of all the releases to this point.  The major problem I would imagine is dealing with gates and sprues.  If you mess up and take off a chunk of the piece along with the sprue, you’re going to have a nice gold finish with an obvious yellow splotch where the sprue was that Gundam Gold Marker probably won’t match…  Have to keep an eye out for some finished kit reviews to see how that is handled.


On my current progress with the Shin-Musha, I’ve thrown some pictures down below, take a look.   I’m more likely going to do a making of/review all in one post as I’ve put down my first coat of top coat, and moving on the seals stage.  I have to say though that the Musha is a good kit to build, and looks good now matter how you handle it.  I ended up painting the gold, because it looks better, and this will actually be the first kit I attempt to “mod” so to say.  I got the inspiration after seeing other folks doing the same to their kits, and have added metal boosters.  Baby steps I guess you could say.  Anyways, I’m going to start on the seals/decals this week.   

 In other Gundam news, I’ve finally caught up (mostly) on 00.  Despite being able to watch it in real time, I actually tend to forget and catch up a few days later.  Still kind of eh on things with it, almost feel that there are too many characters to follow, that when someone dies you really don’t carry (like the inovator fodder).   Still, I see many parallels betwen other series (A-laws = Titans, Inovators = Coordinators/Newtypes)…  I dunno, still up in the air with it.  We’re in the final quarter of the season, and I wonder if it’ll wrap up with this, or will we see a SeeD Destiny style 3rd/4th season?  SeeD and SeeD Destiny looks like it was much more popular than 00 is, but I am enjoying the fairly high quality animation of 00 better.  Going back and watching SeeD makes you realize how pastely it was, and personally I’ve never like the blank “we have no pupils” eyes anime style.  


 In non-Gundam news, I saw that Obama pushed the stimulus package through, and we won’t see a sudden change, hopefully we’ll America head in the right direction economy-wise, and that they’ll drag the rest of the world with them.  Unfortunately, Japan’s had the announcement of having the worst lost in pretty ever in regards to GDP and economic growth, and politics here just don’t have the catalyst that America has right now with Obama.  Bluntly put, things suck, and there’re apparently going to get worse if the yen doesn’t weaken, and exports of Japan’s prime goods, cars and electronics, don’t pick up.    

 The good thing for people who don’t live in Japan, is you don’t have to watch the news.  Japan is addicted to the news.  While they don’t have CNN and the like (if you don’t have cable) you’ll find that most channels tends to show 5~15 minute news segments every couple of hours in addition to regularly schedule news programs (usually at 5, 7, 9, and 11).  Well, Japan loves news, and more importantly, they love bad news.  So yeah, the country is going to hell in a hand basket, and we’re going to tell 36 times a day for at least a week.  In others they beat the dead horse back to live and death again. 


So now all you’re going hear is bad news, and then what’s going to happen is everyone is going to think that the world is going to end, and then everyone is going to think it’s better off to just jump in front of a train, and boom, they will do that.  Yes, Japan has the highest suicide rates in the world for a reason, and it’s because of the news

I do hope they follow big brother America in at least moving in getting a stimulus plan going…


Last, I’ll be going on a road trip this upcoming weekend, so no state of the gunpla union next week, but hopefully pictures. 

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