Weekend Gundam deals

Well, this is applicable to those in Japan, but while at Yodobashi Yokohama today after work, I found a couple of interesting things.  First off, Buster at Plamo mentioned finding an HG model he hadn’t seen.  Took a shot of the “new” stock of older models.  Interesting enough, there are quite a few 1/60 size models that I’ve not seen myself, that are available really cheap.  You see the Full Armor Gundam there for about 1600 yen.  They also had a Tri-Stars Zaku II the last time I had gone, but gone this time.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t think those proportions are going to be the best.


However the deal of the weekend is the below:


The very expensive GFFMC Zeta Plus is available at rouughly 70% off!  The $170 fig is available for a mere $50 dollars.  Man, that says a lot. 

I don’t know if this sale is being held at all Yodobashi’s across the country, but for those interested, definitely worth checking out.