Macross Frontier: YF-25 Prophecy

We take a brief break from our regular Gundam posting to talk about Macross.  As I’ve mentioned before, Macross was actually one of the first series featuring bad ass robots, (Although I guess Voltron is technically my first) and has always remained my favorite.   Still, I’ve not really looked into building model kits until the recent Macross Frontier.  Despite dips in animation quality in some episodes and a basic recycling of the enternal Macross love triangle meets music meets transforming robots, it still provided good action, music and was enjoyable overall.  Anyways, the TV series finished last year, but announced that a full feature would be in the works.  That full feature is coming out next month, and being the fan that I am, I decided to pick up a pre-sale ticket. 


 Now, I’m a sucker for limited things, so rather than just by any old ticket it, I decided to get the ticket sold only through Family Mart in Japan, that comes with the YF-25 Prophecy model kit.  YF-25 Prophecy is apparently the prototype for the YF-25 Messiah that is used throughout the TV show.


The box is actually fairly neat as it comes with a full color bottom, which is something I’ve never seen on any other plastic model boxes.


Comes with the standard Macross instruction manual and your choice of using either water slides or decals. 


So considering I haven’t finished my YF-25 Messiah kit, I’ve found myself in position of yet another variable fighter to build.  Still, looking over it, it should be a fast build, should I sit down to do that.  Still, we come back to the matter of time, as I’m trying to finish up my Sinanju photo’s, move along with the Hi-Nu Gundam Fall Project, and that we have Kshatriya dropping next week.  Still, expect a WiP when I do decide to start building this kit.

Any other Macross kit builders out there?  Not limited to just Bandai, but Wave or Hasegawa?  It seems the only changeable variable kits are the ones put out by Bandai, but I’ve always wondered on the quality of other makers kits…  One on my horizon is the 1/100 Monster to be released by Wave.  If there’s any opinions out there, I’d love to hear them.