The State of the Gunpla Union – 013111

Welcome to the first SOTGU of 2011.  It has been a busy month and and before you know it, 1/12 of 2011 is already done.  Also, technically the 2nd anniversary of ASM has come and gone as well.  I don’t really go out of my way to celebrate or anything, I’m just happy to be going along at my own pace, with those who like to tag along.  But still, it’s always nice to have more people tag along, and so I’ve linked to my facebook ASM on the left side of the main page.  Feel free to stop by, favorite it, and make new friends.  In fact, due to me figuring out how to post from the iPhone, the facebook page will likely be updated with various picture updates and tidbits faster than the blog.  So, consider it more of a real time tool to catch up with what I’m doing.  There may be other slight updates around the site going forward depending on the time.

As for current Gunpla, I continue on with the PG Strike Freedom, and I’ve finished the wings and dragoons… finally.  It seems that most kits must have some area of tedium, be it weapons block, decal block, or in Strike Freedoms case, 8 wings and dragoons to build.  Still, that next WiP will be up sometime this week so look forward to it.  After I finish up the wing joint fix, it’ll be time for initial photos、followed by planning on how to finish up the frame and all that, with decals and finishing up with top coat.  If anything, I see the final touch ups taking up quite a bit of time, but we’ll see.

People may also not that the MG ReZel is finished, but I’ve held off on it because I accidently lost the tiniest part of them all, the V part for the waist.  A replacement part will be heading my way shortly, which means I can finally finish off this kit.

So going forward, what’s on the Gunpla forefront for me?  Well, I’d like to knock out the RG Zaku II, but I have an idea kicking around for the long overdue Musha Mk. II.  Of course, I’m also on a bit of a PG kick too, and after seeing the latest Dengeki Hobby homage to 0083, I think I might need to go ahead and knock out the GP01 that is sitting up high on my backlog.  There are also rumblings for a 2011 GaiGun/ASM Collaboration, but nothing certain just yet, we’re both juggling quite a bit as is between work, family, and CoD.  Thankfully, there really isn’t much coming out that I’m interested in at this point that should distract me.  Or at least  so I thought!  On my current interest lists:

Gundam Deathscythe Hell – I’m glad that I waited.  While the wings at full extension look a bit odd, it looks good when closed up tighter.  The darker color scheme is also great as well.

Extreme Gundam – This one kind of came out of the blue for me.  I was interested in the design when I saw the first prototype, but the combination of blue and white, with the clear metallic blue highlights have made this a definite pick up.

I will also say I’m intriqued by the upcoming HGUC kits for Gundam UC as well.  In particular the ECOAS Jegen and the Dreissen, but other than those two, there is nothing on my radar for a while.  In regards to Wing Gundam MG kits, I’ll be waiting for Heavy Arms, but the rest of the lineup is a pass at this point.  What with the next episode of Gundam Unicorn out in less than 2 months, I would hope for another MG follow-up, but Bandai is laying low and going the HG route by the looks of it.

Somewhat of a shorter SOTGU this month, but the PG Strike Freedom has dominated most of my Gunpla time, and the upcoming spring kits look to be so so at this point for me.  I guess with 2010 wrapping up Gunpla’s 30th year anniversary, 2011 will be quite a ho-hum year perhaps.

Any thoughts on how this year will go for Gunpla, and what are you all looking forward too?

Master Grade Wing Gundam: The Pictures #1

Here’s the first of three planned photoshoots for the Wing Gundam, which I’ll follow up with final thoughts.  Here’s the Wing Gundam just standing around looking bad ass.  As for the decals, I’m waiting for the water slides, which Bandai, in their infinite wisdom, has decided they won’t release for another couple of month.  Thanks Bandai!