Kshatriya update

After a couple of healthy doses of “life” over the last few weeks, I was finally able to sit down and move forward on a couple of things.  One being the long overdue Kshatriya, which I left you all hanging on right at the near end.  As I mentioend, I decided to go ahead and paint it, and finally wrapped that up.  I will say right off the bat that this paint job didn’t turn out as well as the Sinanju at all, due to a variety of reasons, one being probably a lack of initial painting process this time around, coupled with the change in location from apartment balcony to spraying out a window.  But I’ll write up about that further during the wrapup.


GBE: Gundam UC anime

The Gundam UC (Unicorn) format was announced as 6 50 minute OVAs, starting in Spring 2010.  The 2009 winter date was not posted at all.  Safe to say that the anime will be spring then.  Also, enjoy pictures of 1/10 model of the Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode