Photodump – 090809 -edit-

On a completely non-gundam note, I now go off on a tangent, and catch up on the promised photo dump.  For the time being, this a dump and hopefully I’ll get around to labeling things appropiately.  These are all pictures from August, Consisting of pictures from Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, and Disney Sea.  All taken with the Pen.  Amazed by the quality, if I knew first hand DSLR’s rocked I would have put down for a Nikon years ago.  Anyways, as always questions and comments are welcome.

— 9/10 Edit —

A brief description of the pictures, unfortunately the gallery plugin for wordpress doesn’t let you put captions, hopefully something they’ll fix in the future. 

In order of

1  2
3  4
5  6  and so on

1 – Nagoya – Outside the station, just a picture of a tall building, I like how the blue and clouds came out for the sky.
2 – Nagoya – Inside the station, outside the ticket gates.  I like how the main corridor has signs set up every 20 meters or so, like you’re going to forget.
3 – Nagoya – Lunch, misonikomi udon, or Udon in Miso stew
4 – Nagoya – Overlooking the tracks from the 12 floor or so of the station building
5 – Osaka – At the English Hub in Namba, good shrimp and fries, not sure on the spice, but very tasty
6 – Osaka – Takoyaki (Octopus balls) stand in Namba
7 – Osaka – Walking down the Sennichimae arcade in Namba
8 – Osaka – At the crossing between Takashimaya and Marui Namba
9 – Fujiidera – A rice field in the middle of the neighborhood.  You see little plots of land like this even in the middle of cities
10 – Osaka –  Just a snapshot of the sky, I think this was at Shin-Osaka station
11 – Tokyo – On the Yurikamome going to the Big Expo, came out really nice despite the fact we’re whizzing along in a curve
12 – Tokyo – Same as the above, liked how the clouds came out
13 – Tokyo Disney Sea – The resort has it’s own train line to connect the two parks and hotels, I love how the handstrap things have Mickey Ears
14 – TDS – Mediterranean Harbor – Love the Venice feel, makes you feel like you’re in Italy, and doesn’t smell as bad! 😉
15 – TDS – Mediterranean Harbor
16 – TDS – Chip and Dale show in the Harbor, they do it 4 times a day during the summer spraying people
17 – TDS – Black Peper Popcorn is hands down the best, screw butter, give me pepper any day
18 – TDS – American Waterfroont with the Tower of Terror in the distance
19 – TDS – I find the cube style for Mickey and Pooh oddly attractive in an artsy way.  I’d put it on my wall but they only sold ladies shirts 😦
20 – TDS – Afternoon show, the Legend of Mythica, pretty damn cool
21 – TDS – Port Discovery in the evening
22 – TDS – A 50 second exposure of the harbor and volcano and all that jazz
23 – TDS – The station, as the picture says