HGUC Gundam (Version 7-11 1.5)

So it only took about 5 weeks to complete one HG kit.  At this rate, my backlog is going to take years to finish.  Anyways, while later than the rest of the crowd, here are a few pictures.  I didn’t bother with the weapons since I’ve already got like 5 beam rifles and Gundam Hammers from other kits.  This Gundam is doing nothin but pimpin 7-11.  Anyways, tackling one kit at a time!

HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. G30th 7-11 Color

That’s a long title there.  You’ll forgive me that I don’t do a WiP as this is pretty much the same Ver. G30th that’s been out for the last several months, just done in new colors.  As I said before, I really like the colors of this kit, and the seals that it comes with really adds to it.  Without further ado, a few pictures for you.




Pimping the rifle711-04

Fairly stable for posing711-05

Out of the blue Eco Gouf attacks!  What does he want?711-06

Why, he needs to pick up the new issue of Gundam Ace at 7-11!711-07

Unlucky for him, this 7-11 has saved the last copy for Amuro.711-08

Who runs in to snag that issue.711-09