HGUC Unicorn (ANA Color Version)

Well, they say that pictures speak a thousand words, and I’ll let the below do exactly that.  But if I had to sum it up “Beautiful in Blue” would probably be how I’d do it.  To best honest with you, I’m going to have a hard time going back to the regular red/pink color…  While a costly kit, it’s very well worth it if you are a fan of either the Unicorn, gentei kits, or the color blue.  Or all three, whatever works right.  The downside is this kit will be hard to get….

8 thoughts on “HGUC Unicorn (ANA Color Version)

  1. Rob,

    WOW… That is one hell of a gorgeous Unicorn.
    I understand that one can only purchase this limited edition Unicorn Gundam when he / she takes ANA flight.
    The thing is, I don’t have any plan to fly anywhere…
    …any idea where i can get my hands on this Blue Unicorn?

    (KL, Malaysia)

  2. It’s real nice. It’s quite dear as I understand it, we’re talking 5000 yen or so right? ANA cancelled the Gundam ordering on it’s flights at the time of the quake. I’m unsure if it has yet been reinstated? Perhaps that’s what you’re getting at when you say they are hard to come by.

  3. That clear blue is amazing! I usually scoff at “limited/company edition” Gundam models but this one is a real looker and from your photos, I think I would be willing to shell out the 5000 yen and some change for it… almost. Yea, I supposed picking one up now would be even harder than it already was. Sad that you can’t just paint clear blue over the clear pink to make it that color haha. Awesome model indeed!

  4. WOW that gorgeous blue coating color is extremely eye-catching! Any chances I could get this kit from you? I don’t mind paying extra for your troubles. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! ^.^

  5. For those who are interested in kits, I unfortunately do not have any more. I would suggest visiting Gundam Guy’s store, as he will have some in stock in May/June by the looks of it.

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