WiP: PG Strike Freedom #04

So I’ve finished up the mobile suit portion of the PG Strike Freedom, and we’ll take a look at some shots.  As I’ve mentioned before, the gold plated and extra finish parts of the frame only cover maybe 75% of what’s actually visible.  Overall this doesn’t distract too much, at least at this point, but it’s still a small disappointment after such hype what made about the finish.  So let’s take a look at some shots and you all can judge for yourselves.

The biggest offender of the bunch, the waist mounted giant rail guns

Unfortunately the back of each of the waist armor pieces aren’t plated either.

The waist itself, as well as the fairly visible leg/waist joint there.

As see with the rail gun attached

Right on the ankle joint, but not really noticeable here

The side of the lower leg, also not as noticeable here

The arm is fairly fine, save around the elbow area. Unfortunately you get nub marks on the back side which are visible.

The shoulders, when extended, you can see some yellow.

Overall, the biggest stand out has to be around the waist area and the reail guns at this point for me. Considering how you slide the rail guns around to the back, the yellow is visible, even when you put the beam rifles in their place. Also, a huge complaint I have about the rail guns is they fit very loosely on the pegs, and will fall off easy. Due to the way they are made, you can’t stick the peg in all the way to get a good fit, so I find it a little frustrating.

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom for the mobile suit. The build is solid and I find the engineering to great. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table like PG 00 Raiser did with locking functions for arms and legs, and GN drives, but it is solid. Unfortunately, the planning on the extra finish/gold plated parts falls short, and it shows. This means you have to go that extra mile to touch things up if you want the full effect. Of course it can be argued that a Perfect Grade is all about going that extra mile for perfection, but I thought that when you drop 26,000 yen, or well over $300 for a PG, you’re paying for that perfection already included. Slight rant if you will, but you want to go into a PG kit expecting the best, and so at this point I’ve seeing great, but not best.

So, here’s a bunch of quick shots of the mobile suit for you, and this weekend I plan on moving onto the final part, the dragoon system.

9 thoughts on “WiP: PG Strike Freedom #04

  1. Nice. Most of the exposed parts I’ve already painted but it’s good to see what I’ll need to look out for in the future. Great shots too. are you using a tripod or is that all because of your camera?

  2. Hi There! I will be heading towards Osaka in late Mar/early Apr…. was wondering if you can give me some pointers on where is the best place i can find good prices for Gunpla & modelling accessories such as Procon airbrush etc.


    Thank you

  3. @Buster: No tripod, just shooting away, and weeding out the crappy shots. 😉

    @Tom: Still thinking about what to do. I’m not going to paint the parts that won’t be exposed, but need to think about the visible ones. Also, have to figure if I can match the gold color of the plated and EXF parts.

    @Alex: I wouldn’t know about your specific airbrush of choice, but the cheapest place to buy stuff will be Yodobashi Camera in Umeda. You can also check out Denden Town (Nipponbashi) as well, it’s similar to Akihabara. Less stores though.

    • Thanks Rob… 🙂 Do they have BIC camera chain over in Osaka? Reason being Yodobashi only if you have a japanese address can you sign up for the membership and get the 10% points…. in bic and Yamada i didnt need to have an address… so i can get the additional 10% discount 😀 that was in Tokyo 😛

      • @Alex: Yes, there is a Bic Camera in Namba, as well as Yamada Denki (Labi) by Namba Parks. Bic in Osaka has a really poor selection (in fact most Bic’s do) of hobby goods. In Osaka, the best major retailer with stock is probably Yodabashi. While you may need an address, just use the address of your hotel, they don’t check your address at all.

  4. It is interesting to read your perspective on the kit’s drawbacks. Most of the stuff I have read has been full of praise, apart from the dragoon connection joint..

    I agree that for three hundred bucks perfection should come as standard inside the box. It isn’t called almost-perfect grade is it? xD

  5. @Sonar: It’s a solid kit, and my overall satisfaction is much higher than it was with the PG 00 Raiser. Just, I think it’s fair to call Bandai out for being hallf assed on the plating and finish after they made it such a marketing point. I had the opportunity to speak with someone in the industry the other day however, and he said cost is what held Bandai back from going all the way. No matter what though, I don’t see it costing _that_ much. But Bandai is probably in the red if you consider that the 00 Raiser didn’t sell well….

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