WiP: PG Strike Freedom #01

As noted by my initial 00 WiP, I’ve already jumped in and started on the head. Let’s start off easy and ramp it up from there. So let’s take a look, shall we?

The parts for the head

You may note the led there, unfortunately, while it’s strong enough for the eyes, it’s obviously quite lacking for the front and back clear sensor areas, so for those who want to have some color there, you may want to look at painting or doing something there. One thing I do like is the vulcans are made of two pieces, with the black standing out a bit more than just one white piece.

Halfway done.

And before you know it, the head is complete. Overall impression looks good, so I went ahead and panel lined it. There’s one decal for the head, but I’m debating on waiting for the most likely water slide release. Again, kudos to Bandai for never releasing water slides at the same time with the kit.




And with the head done, I jumped straight into the beam rifles, as I have a tendency to hit weapons block if I leave them for last. As is, they are both fairly simple to build with only slight differences allowed for the combining feature.

Parts for the first beam rifle

And completed.

Second beam rifle parts

Closer look at how it comes together

Closer look at how it comes together

Completed and with the second beam rifle

This rifle has some connected movement, pull back and the sensor moves up.

So, stick one up the, ahem… other rifles rear and…

You get a giant ass rifle!

With rifles out of the way, I feel relieved knowing I won’t have to drag myself to do them at the end. So far at this point, all is simple, and I’ve managed to use up 1 of the 55 runners. Now 54 more to go. Next up, jumping around again, we move on to the backpack and torso.

8 thoughts on “WiP: PG Strike Freedom #01

  1. @Buster: Yeah, if you see the second to last picture, the first rifle’s front grip slides forwoard and the back capsule part slides down to allow the second rfile to slide in. The second rifle pulls the capsule looking thing back, which pops the sensor up as you combine.

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