The State of the Gunpla Union – 103110

Coming up a day late, but will call this an October post for the sake of maintaining the monthly post cycle. 

It’s that time for another block of text of what I think about the State of the Gunpla Union.  And, it’s another apology for lack of posts.  Just when I think things slow down, they pick right back up.  As I posted last week, current posts/photos/reviews brewing in no particular order: 

  • Kotobukiya Rockman Photoshoot & Review
  • MG Char Z’Gok EXF Version WiP & Photoshoot
  • Eva-02 Photoshoot & Review (written, just got to do the pictures)
  • An American in Akiba
  • GAF ReZel GBP Project

The main things holding me back on items 1-3 is the photoshoot.  New home means setting up a new photo set-up, and unfortunately I’m not getting good photos.  I need to stop by a dollar store to get another sheet of black paper too, as white just isn’t cutting it right now.  

I was also playing quite a bit of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and DJ Hero 2, which had me entrapped, that is until my faithful PS3 of nearly 4 years decided to die on me.  So I guess I’m partially in shock, because while I’ve sent it in for repairs, there’s a good chance I’m going to lose all that save data that I’ve accumulated.  Guess the lesson learned is to constantly back up your stuff…  

But, now that I no longer have a gaming out, that means I can get back to the important stuff, the Gunpla!

On my currently in progress list is the ReZel of course, and having just seen UC Gundam episode 2 in the theaters, I’m fired up for building both it and the HGUC Sinanju.  Speaking of which, UC Episode 2 brings on the awesomeness again, and at the same time the pain of knowing we have to wait nearly 6 months for the next installment.  Like I said, I got the chance to see it in the theaters, but having to attend a work event on Saturday kept me from going on day one.  Unfortunately, the two movie event items, the gentei gundam and blu-ray both sold out on day 1, so suffice to say, I was a pretty sad camper.  Especially when it became obvious that nearly 50% of the allotment all went to the theater in Shinjuku.  Thanks Bandai, for screwing your fans in cities other than Tokyo.  But oh well, that saves me money so I shouldn’t complain too much. 

The plan for November is to keep chugging at the ReZel and Sinanju, and hopefully whittle the backlog down a little before the big drop of the PG Strike Freedom in December.  While the RG Zaku II looks good, it’s one of those things I know I probably won’t build if I buy it right off the bat.  Also, I’m actually going to be spending a few weekends in Tokyo for work so weekends will be tight unfortunately.   By not picking up any other Gunpla, though, I have a good chance to knock stuff out. 

A bit of a shorter note this month, but still just to let you know where I’m at.  What’s on peoples to-do list for November?

5 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 103110

  1. For November, I will need to open the box of my MG ReZEL and get started on it. Having seen Gaigun having a hard time with the transformation, that actually had me worried about the paint job. Transformation usually ends up with scratch paint…. what to do….hmmm.

  2. ReZEL is underway, Gelgoog Marine Cima Ver. also underway, and I hope to make a start on a HG GP01 as well. December is crazy for work, January is for recovering, and by February I hope to be making my way over to japan again, so I need to get some things squared away this month as much as possible.

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