Upcoming posts

I was a bit under the weather last week which kept me from posting at much as I wanted, but I’ve got a slew of posts lining up for the next few weeks.

First up, after viewing Gaijin Gunpla’s new review system, I really like how he hits all the important points while showing the appropriate pictures to justify said points, and includes the gallery to top it off.  With that said, I’m going to give him the best type of flattery there is, by imitating him and adopting his style for reviews, with some changes, for my reviews going forward.  While I’ll be hitting the same points (Overall look, colors, build design, weapons, extras, articulation, fun factor) I won’t be doing a point system, rather trying to do pros and cons in each specific point.  So that means no fancy graph, but it’s probably best that way.  And WordPress won’t let me use flash score graphs like his reviews.

So I plan on using this new review system first with the Eva-02 Evangelion (Rebuild of Evangelion version), thanks to HobbyLink Japan, who provided me with a sample kit for reviewing purposes.  Look for that here in the next couple of days. Other upcoming reviews and photo galleries include the Kotobukiya Rockman kit, followed by the continuation of the MG Z’Gok WiP and its subsequent photo gallery.  Also on the burner is a new post in the American in Akiba series.  While I won’t be able to do the series every month, I should be able to do one every few months.  Thankfully I’m in a position where I get to travel to Tokyo still at least once a month so I’ll be squeezing in Akiba as much as possible.  And not to leave Osaka without love, I’ll be starting a new series focusing on Osaka’s answer to Akiba, Nipponbashi, as well in due time.

And finally, while I’ll be doing an official post next week some time, for those who don’t know, Gaijin Gunpla has thrown the gauntlet down this time, and another GAF Group Build. the MG ReZel GB has just kicked off.  Yours truly has already thrown in his hat, now how about you?  Head over to the GAF thread for more details!

So that’s what coming up.  And to finish off, to also imitate one of Plamo Addiction’s great traits, a picture for you.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming posts

  1. Hello, I am the 2nd in command (system admin) over at GaijinGunpla. I just wanted to correct a minor detail, the charts I use are purely JavaScript. I am a big proponent of NO Flash.

    I think the more reviews the better!

  2. Buster, yeah, I need a high rez verion too, if you find one let me know 😉

    Traviss, thanks for the clarification! I prefer to stay away from flash as much as possible as well. Unfortunately, java can be just as bloaty as well depending on the site… (Danny choo comes to mind)

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