50th Plamodel Hobby Show Gundam News!

Some exciting and incredible news out of the 50th All Japan Plastic Model Hobby Show that starts today in Tokyo!  So much that I find myself sneaking around at work to post my thoughts, and get some discussion going!  Be sure to check out Gundam Guy as he’s posting updates and pictures as it happens.  But the sheer amount of MG’s announced has me fired up for some Gunpla!

PG Strike Freedom – Looking better than I thought it would, and looks to be huge!  The gold finish is not at all what I was expecting though.  I was expecting shiny gold like the Musha Mk. II, but from a distance it looks like gold plastic like the regular MG and other kits.  However close up shots make it look lke a very muted plated gold.  Looks good up close, looks eh far away.

RG Char Zaku-II – Looking better than I thought it would be, this may be a day one purchase.  Box art is good too!

MG Quan[T] – Still looking like Exia 1.5 with a new sword.  Pass.


MG ReZel – Transformation gimmick looks pretty good seeing how they showed off the stages of change.  This may make me change from a get later to a get sooner.

HG Extreme Gundam – I’m liking this design, looks like I’ll be picking it up.

MG Deathscythe Hell Custom – Burning people!! Nice Bandai, you should have waited a bit longer to announce this one so you could get more sales out of the MG Deathscythe.  I’m glad I waited, because this is the one I’ll be getting.

And then there are the other Gundam W kits as well.  While we knew they would be eventually releasing them, it’s suprising to see such a fast turn around.  Heavyarms is a want!




OK folks, discuss! 

All photo’s from Gundam Guy and his respective sources.

12 thoughts on “50th Plamodel Hobby Show Gundam News!

  1. I thought it was a pretty strange move to announce the DHC so soon, even stranger to announce MG ReZEL Commander Type in January before MG ReZEL is even released?!

  2. Whoa, I missed the news that the MG ReZel commander type had been announced. And January at that? Whoa Bandai, lets not shoot ourselves in the foot twice here. This is exactly why I’m trying to controll myself on day one purchases of models that have variant possibilities…

  3. Oh God, there’s nothing that I don’t want! щ(゚Д゚щ)
    Let’s see, I can hold off on PG Freedom. I have to hold off on the Wing MGs, if I get one I’ll have to get them all.
    I like the Quan[T], but for now it’s off the list. If I’m going to get a MG it’ll be a ReZEL. The RG Zaku looks great too. Looking at this was bad enough, then I saw GG’s post… Man, I need a job.

  4. I think bandai has spent too little time in developing the design of some of these newly announced kits, for example the shenlong and sandrock gundams in my opinion have a hastily put together likd of look that is inferior even to some hg kits. also I am MAD cos i just bought a mg deathscythe gundam yesterday >.< i should have waited longer… and i am sure a lot of gundam fans will be pissed with bandai, especially those that just bought the mg deathscythe or those that pre ordered the mg ReZel

    • Those are supposedly modified NG 1/100 kits. They are probably working on the real deal behind the scenes.

      On another note… NO LOVE FOR BATTLESHIP YAMATO???

  5. I think that the plated parts are like the Strike Freedom FBM’s plated parts, which I really like. Kinda Shiny, but not extremely. But it still looks very nice.

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