HG 00 Raiser ANA Color Kits

As I mentioned before, I was able to get access to some ANA cards, and will be able to get some of the HG 00 Raiser ANA color kits.   Please note that my coworker is providing these kits, so I will not be able to provide them at cost like last time.  Other than that, shipping is to be covered by the purchaser (~700 yen a kit) and that only paypal (in yen) is accepted.   In regards to to the 1/48 ANA Gundam kit, due to the extreme shipping cost incurred with its size, I don’t plan on ordering any.   If you are interested in the HG kits, please drop me an email at american.salary (at) gmail.com.   I’ll leave this up until the weekend, or I run out of kits, which ever comes first.

8 thoughts on “HG 00 Raiser ANA Color Kits

  1. Hey dude,

    Tried to email you RE: this kit but the mail got a perma-failure. Do you still have any of these kits left? If so drop us a line jimmyclowes at gmail dot com.

    By the way, great site!

  2. Bandai is running behind on the kits so it may be a month or two before I have them in.
    From there if I have additional kits, I’ll mail you guys in order. Sorry for the wait!

  3. All good mate. Thanks for the reply! I love the look of this kit for some reason?!?! Got a friend travelling back to Osaka this Xmas and he is going to stock me up on kits! Can’t wait!!!

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