The passing of the torch?

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Ngee Khiong, one of probably the most well known Gundam bloggers, has decided to call it quits.  I’m sure a lot of you kept up with his site by checking it daily or reading it through an RSS reader.  It was definitely on the top of my daily read list since he had pretty much all the latest information, and updated constantly.   At the same time though, I guess you could call him the ultimate fanatic as well, with well over 2000(!) posts last month.  This is why I’m looking forward to seeing his self proclaimed final post which promises a “bashing” on all things wrong with the Gunpla community.

From Ngee Khiong’s prelude to the end post:

I will discuss about all that displeasure in the next posting, but before that, maybe you would like to think about some of these issues as well:
– “UC fans”, “Gundam SEED & SEED Destiny fans”, “Gundam UC fans”, Gundam fans
– Pirated Gunplas
– What is the value of your Gunpla in your life?
– Websites seeking publicity, profit, hits and visitor number over real interest in Gundam and related hobby.

While I am looking forward to seeing what he says, but based on the above, I’m not sure what to take of it.  They all seem to be pretty subjective things, and something not worth getting up and quitting blogging, but then again, he is doing the blogging for free.

Of course, some of you may be wondering what to do for your latest information fix for Gundam stuff.  By all means, check out Gundam Guy.  He posts all the important Gundam info happening, and just as fast as Ngee did.  As a plus, he is also a one stop shop for your Gundam needs in the states.  A bit of unsolicited advertising there, but hey, he’s the real deal, without the real angst.

As for me, things are moving!  I’m building again, and expect a simple WiP and Photo Gallery sometime this week.

14 thoughts on “The passing of the torch?

  1. It’s sad news. The final post is up now, better make yourself a cup of something and go to the bathroom first.

    It is disappointing because he was impartial, humble, and likeable. So much effort that he put in which I truly appreciate.

    I felt a bit dismayed at the news of Gunota closing all those years ago, and again at Ngee Khiong’s news. But Ngee Khiong filled the void that Gunota left and I’m pretty sure someone will fill Ngee Khiong’s void as well.

    +1 endorsement for Gundam Guy.

  2. +1 endorsement for Gundam Guy

    yeah i’m going to take some time and read it. probably going to print it out so i can get away from the computer. it is like a short novel! LOL

  3. Skimmed his novel on the way to work today, couldn’t finish it in my 25 minute commute. But the gist is he’s humble and great and fair, and we all suck because we’re not as good as he is. He’ll be missed though!

    Here is what I posted over at Z’s:

    With that said, I tried to read Ngee’s last post on my commute to work today and couldn’t finish it. And here I thought my posts were long! It’s a shame honestly though, because not to bash the guy, but here is his first true “rant” and he brings up good points, but I kind of feel they are dulled because he is also making it his last. If he would have taken the time to drop some subjective rants from time to time, I think he wouldn’t have burned out, if you can call it that, like this. Still, he has also put himself on a pedestal as well, by claiming he is impartial and he likes all things equal, and what not. In a way, he’s saying everyone else sucks because they aren’t as good as him. In that point I felt kind of disappointed.

    Most of what he complains about are things that really… do we care? UC versus Alternate Universe, HG, MG, PG, what’s next in the model kits, complaining about price. It comes with the territory, and comes with everything in life. Be it video games, schools, companies, what not, you see the same fierce loyalty, debate, and even hate. I get the feeling though he’s taken it really personal though, and again, I’m disappointed with that, because that is part of the fun of it as well, and learning to deal with that is just part of life.

    Still, we all judge and for what parts I don’t like, there are others that I do like, respect and are amazed at. I truly find it amazing, yet sad at the same point that he made some 2000+ posts this year, some 270 posts a month. That’s just mind boggling for one person to do. Amazing yes, sad though, because what else is there?

    Overall, I’m going to miss the updates and news, but he was kind enough to list his sources, and I’m sure someone will pick up the slack. Who knows, maybe he’ll come out of “retirement” as well, when he feels that we are worthy of it.

    • Hmm… has this reply button always been here? Never noticed it… heh.

      Anyway, thought it’s better to reply to you here than at my blog… i think you are right had he let out some rants from time to time, he wouldn’t have burnt out. It’s like he was just bottling all that frustration and pressure inside him until it couldn’t be contained. While it does sound like he is “higher than thou”, I didn’t touch on that since I don’t personally know him nor if he actually intended to come out that way. But yes, that tone is there on multiple instances.

      I wholeheartedly agree with your second paragraph though. The “vs” stuff, the complaining… all that shouldn’t have any effect on him and they are easily ignored (for the most part). It happens everywhere and I think Gundam is actually on the more mild side of such fanatics.

      At the end, I just think he was hanging out at all the wrong places (“restaurants”) in a shady part of the community.

      But like everyone else, I’ll also miss the daily news he provided and I do appreciate the effort he had put into for all of us.

  4. I saw cold war in local gunpla community,saw cold war in Youtube video review,saw another one in a forum,etc actually I got what he want to say about but yeah Nothing perfect right in this this world.
    All we must do Just enjoy our Hobby 😀

  5. You know, I get the cold war stuff too, but honestly guys, are we all 12 here? I mean, it’s somebody ranting on youtube! Who gives a flying f*ck about someone ranting on Youtube, or a forum, over something like a freaking anime and plastic toys. Build what you like, enjoy it with like minds, and let everything else slide. If you can’t hack it with a hobby, then I wonder how people deal with real life…

  6. Hey! You’ve got a megaman as well… i’m sure your’s is gonna be completed waaay before mine. I’ve got Plum’s Pangya maid lined up (pricey kit but waaaaay inferior to koto’s Hoi Hoi San) which i wanna complete and review.

  7. I don’t know if it was because of the chat box or what, but he did get a lot of complaints. It seems like he was halfway between “I’m giving these people the info to argue and a place to speak” and the usual “I’m getting tired of all those idiots.” I can get where he’s coming from, I guess it just affected him more than it would me. I don’t really think it was a holier than thou kind of thing, at least not to the average fan. You’ve got to admit, it’s a bit of a pain to see nothing but whining and speculating each time a new model is announced. Still, I don’t think I’d shut down my blog over that, but it’s all up to the individual.

  8. @madmoz: Rockman is a real fast build, only took me about 2 hours to finish it up. On the Plum kit, GaiGun actually built it I think, and decided not to review it because it’s basically crap, if I recall…

    @Jesta: Well, I noticed that he turned off commenting a while ago, and that left the chat box, which he then was going to turn off before deciding to call it quits. You know, I don’t find it a pain at all though, because there are kits that I speculate about, or am unhappy about (MG Quant, really? Its Exia 1.5!) and so who am I to complain about others. If I found it to be a pain, I wouldn’t bother with a blog, much less communicating with people online!

    All, check out Plamo’s post, he sums up my feelings word for word, and saves me the hassle of writing it!

  9. I am not sure if i overpaid for it (the plum kit cost more than hoi hoi san) but NOT having eyelash and eyeliner waterslide decals is a huge letdown.

    It’s gonna take a fair bit of elbow grease to make it look good. Not too sure if I’m up to it really… hmm…

  10. Thanks for the good read. I actually laughed out loud a few times while reading your post and all the responses. And thanks for the boost-up for my blog.

    His name Ngee Khoing 義強… in chinese means ‘strong in justice’…. go figure.

    • Thanks for translating his name! I’ve always wondered what the first character was. But yea… “Strong in Justice” indeed… really fitting of the guy o_o.

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