The State of the Gunpla Union – 093010

It’s that time of the month again, to catch you up on my thoughts on the state of the Gunpla Union. As mentioned last month, August was a bit of a whirlwind month, and while I hoped to settle down in September, I had my father come in for about 10 days, which pretty much put everything I wanted to do on the back burner.  Still, it’s always a pleasure to have family and friends visit me in Japan, so for the most part it was a great experience.  I’ll have some pictures down towards the end of the post.  But first up, my thoughts on this month’s Gunpla news.

Up first, the PG Strike Freedom.  Some good discussion happening over at Plamo Addiction, so I highly recommend reading up here to see what people are thinking.  To re-iterate my stance though, while it’s not PG Unicorn, it’s still better than something lame like a PG Quant or what not, so, yeah, it’s on my want list.  Pricing is… well expensive, but as we’ve discussed before, Bandai seems to be taking the PG line and trying to up the price standard as much as they possible can.  In terms of volume, it’s supposed to be the biggest, but looking at the pictures, it seems up there with the GP01 or the Zeta, and those were both 20,000 yen.  So why the increase in price?  I’m sure there are good reasons, like design cost, or new techniques being more expensive, etc, but overall, it’s probably just because they can.  Still, the Strike Freedom is a fanboy favorite, so I expect this to sell much much better than the 00 Raiser.  Funny enough, you can easily still get the first run bonus stand with the 00 Raiser here, pretty much anywhere.  In the end though, we have only seen one prototype picture and various mock ups, so looking forward to seeing more of the finished product, to help justify my purchase.

As for other releases, here is my current watch list of already released and upcoming kits:

  • HG Delta Plus
  • HG Hi-Nu Gundam (GB Colors)
  • MG Deathscythe
  • HG Sinanju
  • MG ReZel
  • RG Char Zaku-II

So my thoughts on the above?  Well, currently the Deathscythe, Delta Plus, and GB Hi-Nu are out, but I haven’t picked them up yet.  While I was planning on getting the Delta Plus, I wonder if there would be a possible MG version of it 6 months down the line, similar to the MG ReZel.  Thinking on those lines, I’ve decided to hold off on it.  The Deathscythe as well, is something that I may pick up down the line, but there hasn’t been much of the “Build me!” that I had with the Wing Zero. And the Hi-Nu, that’s pretty much a kit I can pick up at any time so I am in no rush to  pick it up as well.

As for upcoming releases, the MG ReZel is definitely one I’m interested with, along with the Sinanju in a smaller form.  Both are scheduled to come out on the same day as well.  RG Char Zaku is on my watch list on principle, but I haven’t even cracked the box on my RG Gundam.  To be honest, my backlog is pretty big, and has gotten bigger with the additions of gentei stuff over the last few months.  I think I may literally hold off on buying anything until I actually finish what I’ve got to build, or at least knock out half of it or so.  I think some of my fellow Gunplars share the same problems, with us jumping ahead without finishing our current problems.  At least I am happy to know I am not the only one!

My next problem now is what to build!  I need to finally finish up a review kit from HLJ as well as step back to do some other kits that I prepped for but didn’t have time to do, like the Musha Mk-II.  But at the same time, I’m actually wanting to jump into my non-Gundam kits such as my Rockman kit (and I have some ideas with this one) as well as my Macross Tomahawk kit.  Kotobukiya’s new deformed kit from Patlabor looks cool pretty too, so I may pick this up down the line.  Lastly, I’ve never watched Zoids, but some of the kits look pretty detailed and bad ass, thusly I’m watching Lupes’ WiSSSP closely to see if it may tip me over the edge.  But again, in the long run, it’s my interest in all these other kits that seem to be pulling me away from what’s right in front of my eyes.


D-Style Griffon


And it’s not just new and upcoming kits that is keeping me busy, but the fall gaming rush, with me having picked up the new Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) game for PSP, along with FF14 (yeah, now I need to get my computer to run it!).  Throw in Castlevania, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Gundam Musou III, and other releases over the next few months, and I’m screwed with free time.  See, now I want all that free time I had when I was in-between jobs!

No matter what though, I’m planning on sitting down and digging into some kits over the next month, my hand has been twitching for my plastic nippers and a hobby knife, so I’m going to get going on that.  Also, while I won’t have an Akiba post this month, I will be hitting up Tokyo in a few weeks to spend a day in Akiba with my fellow partner in Gunpla & Drinking, so look forward to a post in October.

Also, I will be getting some of the HG 00 Raiser ANA kits, and may have some available through the blog, but no promises yet.  I’ll post if I do though, so please check back.

So, some pictures of my last couple of weeks.  And as usual, what are all of you guys looking forward to, and how are you handling your backlogs?

Tokyo – Asakusa

Tokyo – Asakusa


Yokozuna Hakuho

Osaka – Dotonbori

Kyoto – Arashiyama

Kyoto – Arashiyama

Osaka – Sky Building

Osaka – Sky Building

4 thoughts on “The State of the Gunpla Union – 093010

  1. Awesome pics of Japan mate. Great to read another SOGU from you as well. There is a lengthy topic on the PG Strike Freedom at the Gundam Australia Forum with lots of up to date pics and info as well (links to page 6 of the topic). I agree it is going to sell phenomenally.

    In answer to your question I’m itching for the MG ReZEL, and pretty interested in the 1/48 Mega Sized Model Char’s Zaku II as well. I’m not handling my backlog at all, but it isn’t growing explosively either. I think I’ve replaced the 4 kits I’ve built in the last few months with only 3 new ones, so I’m ahead in being behind (oxymoron?). I’m still busting to build my 1/48 ANA Gundam but I feel obligated to finish snapping my PG Red Frame first. problem is I have zero gunpla time at the moment, just very busy with the forum.

  2. Great read ^^. I agreed with you for the most part on the PG SF; I think Bandai is just charging more simply because they can whether there is an increase in engineering cost or not. Well, it seems to look promising so far from the paper specs so I’ll keep my eyes opened too.

    The MG ReZel looks gorgeous… but Bandai skimped on the clear parts on the body by just making them plain clear so I’ll have to buy clear purple (?) paint to make that accurate. Not to mention there is bound to be a Commander version down the line which might have that giant cannon so guess I’ll wait for that instead.

    Hope to see some new work from you soon when you do finally get the chance. It’s been awhile ^^

    Love all your scenery photos!

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